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Four teenage girls bond over a pair of Blue Jeans and when they are in possession of the magical article of clothing --really hunky guys from all different time periods fill the pants.  Dating, and engagement, and a possible beheading occur.
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Sookie, despondent over the rules and regimes of paranormal society, and rejecting the advances of her many suitors which include prominent werewolves, vampires, & jackals, takes her own life by overdosing on sleeping draught.



Recently discovered diaries of Benjamin Franklin’s daughter tell of her forbidden romance with the young Afghani who helped with Franklin’s early efforts to harness electricity. 

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 Slaughterhouse 751


Kurt Vonnegut’s recollection of the events he witnessed as a prisoner of war when the Allied “firemen” staged a massive book-burning in Dresden during World War II.   Vonnegut’s characteristic dry style: “Over 1.2 million volumes were destroyed that day.  And so it goes.” 



At the Mountains of Madison County

William Dyers, a professor of geology from Miskatonic University, warns of the grave danger of further scientific expiditions into the vast and mysterious Midwest, citing the traumatic and distrubing events of his own previous expedition.  Originally intending to study the alien of bridges that have been built over the rivers in this desolate, uninhabited place, Dyers' team soon discovers the region is indeed inhabited and makes contact with a strange living organism called Francesca.   He attempts to bring Francesca back with him as a sample but she chooses to stay with her family.   Upon being re-united with his camp he discovers some of the others on the expedition have been murdered and others dissappeared.   Together with one of the survivors he gets in an airplane to look for them and, upon surveying the landscape from above, realizes that this desolate land is in fact a vast civilization known as "Iowa".
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A group of American expatriates settles in a quiet Mexican village, where they enjoy spacious adobe houses and the tolerance of the natives but eschew the larger crustacean food sources after investigating the ethics of boiling a creature alive in order to enhance their own gustatory pleasure.

The Art of War and Peace by Sun Zu and Leo Tolstoy

Sun Zu comments on and criticizes the overall effectiveness of battlefield strategy in the Napoleonic Wars.


Were the legendary Sun Zu to show up during Napoleon's 1812 Russian Campaign, what advice would he offer both the French and the Russian armies?


One of Zu's most repeated maxims is "All warfare is based on deception". Does this quote resonate with Tolstoy's plot?


Can you directly apply any other of Zu's rules of war to Tolstoy's masterpiece?

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Ang Lee May Direct "Life of Pi" Adaptation

Variety reports that director, Ang Lee might tackle bringing Yann Martel's Life of Pi to the big screen.


I can't even begin to imagine how one would go about adapting the book to film. Can you?


Does Lee turn to CGI a la The Hulk?

Polish Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski lives among and observes a group of "stoners", in an effort to understand their habits. He comes to the conclusion that Freud is wrong, and that all of these people are "d@#chebags".


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Mashups Go Mainstream (kind of)

Take a look at this NY Times' article. Gotta love the cover. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies  
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The Man in the Iron Mask of Zorro

"True, the mask did deflect a rapier thrust or two", Diego de la Vega mused, "but the weight of the thing makes head fakes nearly impossible."
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Red Dawn of the Dead

     In 1986, the Soviet Union and Cuba invade the United States of America; unfortunately, they brought something even deadlier with them... A plague created by the Chernobyl meltdown which causes the reanimation of the dead. Within a matter of days, the entire soviet invasion force succumbs to the virus and begins preying upon human flesh across the country.

      The story follows a small group of suburban Milwaukee survivors who are on the run from their undead would-be foreign conquerors. After running low on ammunition and supplies, they decide to barricade themselves in a downtown shopping mall and defend the facility until help arrives.... If they just wait long enough, help will surely arrive... 



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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Speaking of Mashups, this hilarious book is now available! Click here for more information.



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Two backward living fellows exchange life stories.
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    When Farmer John and his wife take temporary leave of the farm, the barnyard animals move into the farmhouse. The animals have a rollicking good time, highlighted by pizza parties and toga parties, until the innocent fun takes a horrific turn. One night, the farm animals waylay the pizza delivery boy. Although the delivery boy manages to escape in his car, devoid of its cargo, the animals recognize their superior strength and intellect. Thence, the barnyard animals orchestrate a bizarre plan to take over the world, thereby establishing a new world pecking order. A horse, seeking dominance over the other animals, declares, “All animals are equal, but some are tastier than others.”
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This is the strange story of a young man, a future Harvard alumnus of some note, who grows up on a remote island (in a city of eight million people, twenty-six percent of whom share his ethnicity), but is forced to attend the elite Punahou Academy on the island's Upper East Side where he experiences racial troping when he's frequently mistaken for the son of a U.N. diplomat.


Every summer he and his brother are shipped off to the family's house in the black Hamptons, where he learns to connect with what Toni Morrison, in describing Bill Clinton, called "almost every trope of blackness": working for minimum wage at fast-food joints, learning to "play the dozens," and engaging in gunplay. In fact, when he gets a job at the ice cream parlor he's required to ask each customer, "Would you like any allegorical implications with that?"


The family is extremely strange too. His father chose a career in podiatry because, and I quote, "All the black people I knew, they had some bad feet," eerily echoing the sentiments of a former Secretary of Agriculture. His mother, a New Yorker and future corporate lawyer who would one day inherit one of her parents' two summer homes, seems to recall getting on the grapevine "to spread the word" when the TV sitcom "Julia," starring Diahann Carroll, premiered in 1968, that memorable year.  


Finally, it must be said that this is The Autobiographical Fourth Novel, not The Autobiographical First Novel, however, it was once widely believed that The Autobiographical Second Novel had already been written, with its Harvard-like setting and it's main character, a young journalist who works for a (Village Voice-like?) New York City tabloid.


I give it three stars, a solid "good" rating. And thanks again to B & N and the group! 

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I don't know who wrote this one, but I love it.  It was on a crazy end-of-the year thing my son got at the University of Chicago.
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Who Are You: the Owner's Manual

Roger Daltry  and Pete Townshend team up with Doctors Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen to revisit this classic album. Bonus tracks include, "Guitar and Pancreas" and, in remembrance of their late drummer Keith Moon, a newly released live version of "Trick of the Liver."
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The Towering Inferno of Dr. Funkenstein

     Dr. Funkenstein constructs an enormous tower to harness the pure power of funk music with the intent of reviving the dead. Following his succsessful completion of the creature called "Funkenstein," the doctor hosts a party for fellow eccentric scientists. Unfortunately, the party is cut short when massive amounts of hairspray in the air ignites following a lava-lamp mishap on shag carpeting. While the doctor and friends are busy partying, nearby villagers learn of the existence of  the funk monster and wish to punish Funkenstein for what they see as an abomination. To that end, they have sworn to tear the roof off Tower Funkenstein in order to force Funkenstein to give up the funk. Meanwhile, as his party guests attempt to evade the collapsing building, Funkenstein attempts to save his greatest creation during a freaked out fantastic voyage of action and danger. 

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