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I love your B&N bookstore. I am a french travelers and always get one or two books to go home (beautiful one) in Paris. I would like to buy the ebook of the book I am buying...each time. Buying a book and your ebook at the same time can be nice. Via a flash code, ticket-code, whathever. Think of it it it doesn't exist. Thanks,


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I think it would be fantastic if the nook library had a system, like a shelf, with a list of books that you have already read. It gets pretty frustrating for an avid reader, like me, to have to constantly weed out the books I’ve read. A separate tab in my library would be awesome, and if I wanted to re-read any of them- it won’t be a problem because they are all organized!!

I wish Barnes & Noble had something similar to Amazon's BookMatch.  Essentially a service where if you buy the physical book from B&N you can get the Nook Book version for free, 1, 2, or 3 dollars depending on the book.  Basically the book version of digital copy movies.

For the online store and the Nook Shop it would be nice to have a cart to be able to purchase more than one ebook at a time.

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     These forums are an excellent place to collect good ideas for improving the nook experience and I would like to contribute as well. I have had the 1st generation nook and now the nook simple touch. The e ink readers are by far my favorite method of reading novels old and new. I have some requests I'd like to make of the next e ink reader Barnes and Noble create.


     First I would like an e ink reader with a screen bigger then 6 inches. As much as I like being able to slip my nook simple touch into a large coat pocket, I am able to get my 10 inch Samsung galaxy 2 where ever I go with out difficulty. Amazon offers a 10 inch e ink reader but it does not support the formats that nook traditionally supports and I would have to rebuy the library I have already purchased from Barnes and Noble. A 10 inch nook ereader would be a perfect addition to the nook family for those who not only want a larger screen for the fun of having one but also for those whose eye sight has deteriorated with age.


     My second request would be at least one set of page turning side buttons. The newest nook addition was created with out them. From what I see on the forums that isn't necessarily a popular decision. The side button's have been useful in my nook simple touch and can be designed without adding a great deal of bulk to the nook.


     It may go without saying but the nook product has been able to absorb accidental abuse that other tablets don't survive very well. I certainly hope you continue the trend.


     Finally if it can be economically incorporated (I know I am talking to a business here) I would like to see a keyboard attachment of some kind for the e ink readers. There seems to be demand for it, and even the most basic text file can be copied and pasted to word or the more advanced document programs. A key board that works on e ink readers would be a welcome accessory.


    Thank you for your time

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I have multiple Nooks.  I tend to buy all the books in a series.   I buy lots of books.   Organizing things to be able to find what I want quickly is a pain..Especially when I have to go add a book to a shelf on multiple devices.  I have already seen the idea of allowing shelf management on a PC.   I will go a step matter where I make a shelf, make it propagate to every device and my online library.   Even better...when I buy a book in a series, automatically put that book in a shelf with the series name on it (create the shelf if it doesn't exist) and save me the trouble of trying to figure it out.   Also, allow specification of order in the shelf so the books show up in the proper order rather than alphabetically...and even automate this if possible.   Try to get the method of adding a book to a shelf on NookHD+ to work on Nook Simple Touch.   Why should I have to go through every page to try to select what books go on what SimpleTouch has over 70 pages to go through and that is painful.    Allow automatic shelf filters to allow making some types of shelves easier (think iTunes automatic playlists) so I can create a self-managing shelf on date of publication, author, series, rating, recently purchased, recently read, and so forth.   Even better, allow tags to be put on books and allow self-managing shelf based on tag.  

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The first Thing is when i am watching a video on the internet and i get a noise telling me i have a new notification it makes it so when i try to change the volume of my movie either to make it louder or softer, the nook thinks that I wish to change the volume of the notification sound instead, so to prevent the nook from getting confused it would be great to have a button in the settings that will mute the notifications or just make the notification volume only available in the settings. Otherwise the nook can get very confused.


The second thing is that i use the Barnes & Noble HDMI connector for the Nook to the TV, I love being able to play my games, watch my movies, and enjoy the ultimate laziness of reading my book on a 70 inch screen. When my family sits down to pick a movie with the nook plugged into the TV it would be a nice feature when plugged into the HDMI connector, if the nook could turn horrizontally in the shop because since the shop does not normally flip horizontally on the Nook it shows sideways on the television. If the screen flipps than all of my family members would be able to read about the movies so we can pick what we want to watch that night.


Thank you for your time.

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I would like a feature where I could plug  in an ear plug into the Nook and have it read to me.  It would be especially helpful to be able to plug the Nook into a jack in the car and allow the reader to use the car radio/stereo to read the book much like an apple Ipod  performs its music functions.


I fyou were driving on a road trip, it would be nice if the book would read the words in the story to you.Listening to books while you drive is a very enjoyable experience and you should support the process



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Give the users what they want, not what you want them to buy

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I had high hopes when I bought my first Nook. Systematically, as the line expanded and I "bought up," those hopes have been dashed.

The absurdities crowd in on themselves. A "tablet" without a Facebook app? I can't put the Chrome browser on an Android-based tablet? I can't side-load applications like my password manager because they represent a "security risk"? Whose security? You claim that users have access to Google Play on the HD but, in fact, we don't have access to the entire store.

People come here and ask for this-and-that and the-other-thing. But really, all people ever needed and need now is for B+N to treat them like customers, instead of like ATMs. I bought the first Nook, then the Nook Color, then the Nook Tablet, then the Nook HD. These products do not evince the design of giving the buyers what they want and need. These products do not evince any evidence that B+N looked to customer satisfation first, profit second. Marketing concerns about tying buyers to the B+N brand, overcame customer service concerns of making the customer want to come back for more. But, you generate profit by satisfying customers. The old saying is, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I'm nuts.

Now, I don't like Amazon, the company, and I don't buy books there. So, I come to B&N, a company I've been patronizing for more than 30 years, well back into brick-and-mortar days. And I find that here, marketing plans are still revolving around rent-seeking and not around offering new, interesting and useful ways for me to enjoy the products I've purchased.

My wife is worried by reports that B+N is dumping the Nook lines, because they're unprofitable. They're unprofitable because the organization worked on making them profitable, instead of working on making them the reader/tablet everybody would want to have. Stop it.

Now, here's my little feature list.

  • Either let me side-load apps, or open up the whole Google Play store. I want every app that I use on my Samsung S3 available for my Nook.
  • Zinio. Some magazines (like The New Scientist) publish the digital edition through Zinio. No Zinio app for my Nook, so I can't read my digital edition of the magazine on it.
  • Facebook. I mean, really.
  • Unlock the "share" function in the reader, so that I can share all books and not just ones I bought at B&N.
  • Be the first e-reader to unlock the "copy" function, so I can copy squibs out of the books when I'm researching. I realize that these absurd DRM rules are mixed up in this. But I buy a lot of DRM-free books (most technical ebooks are now DRM free), and being able to save material would be very useful.
  • Make the research features that are available in Nook Study available in the Nook ereader products. With all the research I do, it would be a huge help if I could copy an important text and get a cite for it at the same time. I had really hoped that ereaders would give me a leg up on the tediousness of typing out passages and formatting cites.
  • Frankly, the product search is horrible. If I search for "Google Maps," I don't want to see a zillion search results of books with the word "map" in the title.

You can look at the history of emerging product lines and see the examples of companies that totaled hosed the line, fixed the problem and established themselves. The Nook has all the basics in place for a solid line of tablets and readers. Somebody just needs to step up, kick the marketing droids out of the conference room, and settle down to the question, "How can we turn our Nook users into raving fans?"

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I have been trying to buy cookbooks on my NOOK to save space in my kitchen.  It would make my life so much easier if there was a way for me to tag recipes that I like in a variety of different books and have a "custom book" be generated that included all the pages I tagged.   That would allow me to have one super cookbook.   I am sure there would be other uses for this feature besides recipes.   This would be a great enhancement for a new Nook or for the application,   I would happily pay for a Nook application that included this feature!




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isbn numbers

Status: Not Likely
I would love to have an option to show ISBN numbers in my library. I use good reads and having the isbn's would simplify the process of adding books to my good reads account.
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I would love to have a Nook app for Windows Phone.

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Coupons for Nook Books

Status: New Idea

Much of the Barnes & Noble customer base is on its Nooks. B&N would really benefit and earn profits if they offered coupons for Nook Books, as an incentive for people to purchase more Nook products. Also, it would make Nook customers happy.

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I have not had any problems with the nook hd/hd+ charging cord.  My problem is with the length.  It would be nice to be able to get a cord longer than 5 ft.  I recently bought an pad cord for my sister that is 10 ft. and she loves it.  A convenient place to charge/use your nook is not always within 5 feet of an outlet.  A longer cord that you could buy would be great addition to your accessories.

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I just scanned tons of reviews complaining of the lack of page-turn buttons on the glow light. Personally, I'm surprised that BN, and that other reader company, haven't been hit with an ADA suit from people without the use of both hands. Most of the complaints were from people without the use of their right hand. Why force the right side of the screen to be 'forward'? My first Palm reader app from many years ago allowed choosing which screen area and button was considered 'forward' and 'backward', - including the top and bottom of the screen. It would also scroll text or turn pages automatically at varying speeds without having to touch anything. Yes, that slowed your reading down a bit, but let you read with dirty or wet or no hands. Surely somebody at BN could match the functionality of something from the 90's. I also add my vote for increased functionality for the shelves, but BN has been ignoring that one ever since I've been a customer, so I'm not holding my breath.
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Would be nice to allow different content to be downloaded to different reading devices. I read Nook books on my Nook Simple Touch and on my iPad and iPod Touch, using the Nook apps. Of the three devices, the Nook Simple Touch is the most memory-limited (I have over 1000 Nook books), so I end up archiving books to free up memory on the Nook that I do not really want to remove from the other two devices. Of course, the next time I sync the iPad or iPod, the books I had to archive due to the Nook's lack of memory space  are removed from the iPad/iPod. I only read textbooks on the iPad, so would like to avoid having them automatically download on the Nook and filling up the memory. There should be an option to turn off automatic downloading, and allow users a choice of which device to download to. Additionally, it would be nice to allow users to remove a book from one device, without having to archive.

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If I am shopping at a Target or Walmart and notice a book that interests me I would like to be able to scan the bar code of the book, and have it automatically open the browser on my phone to the NOOK title of the same name. That way I can easily add it to my wish list or buy a Barnes and Noble book right there in a competitors store!


Wouldn't that be awesome?

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Voice Control!!!

Status: New Idea

I think that Barnes & Noble should really implement a voice control system of future Nook tablets. Apple has a really advanced voice control system that we recognize as Siri. I mean, the Barnes & Noble voice control doesn't have to be so complicated (like "when is the next NBA game?"), it should just be simple commands like "play Adele music" or "sync library" or "open angry birds" or "go back to what I was reading."


These features would really make the Nook tablet experience more enjoyable and convenient.

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Synchronize Progress On Apps

Status: New Idea

Amazon offers Whispersync for Apps, which basically allows users to resume their progress on apps across different Kindle devices. It's really exciting to get a new Nook, but that means you have to start over on all of the apps. I have a Nook Color and would like to get the next Nook tablet model as soon as it comes out (hopefully this fall). I have lots of apps that I've made lots of progress on and I would really appreciate it if Barnes & Noble could somehow release an update to all Nook devices that support apps to that they can transfer progress on apps. This feature would attract a lot of new customers.

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Status: New Idea

Leading developers like Amazon Kindle are currently developing a prototype color-e ink device with Glowlight. I think that the reading experience would be GREATLY enhanced with color. Also, the color could help increase the feasability of a simple web browser on any future Nook Simple Touches.


Also, I think in the future, an e-ink tablet would be really cool. You could play apps on a screen with no glare. This is probably years ahead, but it's definitely something to consider to compete with Apple and Amazon.


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