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I recently upgraded my 1st Gen Nook for a Simple Touch and I'm a bit annoyed!  The Simple Touch does not have an "Unshelved" catagory!  I cannot see what books I have yet to shelve.  It's really annoying. 


Also, I would love to have the ability to hide my archived books.  They are archived for a reason. I don't need/want to see them all the time.  I consider the BN website my library, and the Nook my book.  I don't want to carry all my books all the time.  The ability to see all the books is very frustrating and overwhelming.


Also, BN, you really need to work on your website.  Books in series aren't always marked as such, I can't easily get to an entire series, and there is no easy way to add to cart or buy from searching.  There is a lot of clicking involved.


Overall, I love my SimpleTouch and my Nooks because I dislike backlight when I read.  I want to keep using my Nook, but I can't help but be frustrated by it.  Thanks for reading!

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Nook Simple Touch/Glowlight Suggestions

Status: New Idea



I have a Nook Simple Touch and I love it. It's a few years old, and will probably need to be replaced this year, but I am really hesitant to buy the Glowlight, because it feels like a downgrade compared to the old Simple Touch. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to replace it, but unless a new Glowlight comes out with a microSD slot, I won't be buying one. 


  * Please add a microSD slot to the Glowlight. With sites like Smashwords, this feature is a must. People use e-ink devices like the Paperwhite and the Glowlight because they are hard core readers -- we don't want to play with apps, we want to read books, and often get them from multiple sources.


* Please consider the ability to use coupon codes/discounts for Nook Books. I realize that a lot of the difficulty in offering this is that permission to discount requires the publisher's permission, but the Kobo store is able to do this for many of its book, so I don't see why Barnes and Noble can't. As an example, the Nook store offered a book for $9.99. The Kobo store also offered the same book for $9.99, but allowed me to use a 50% off coupon code, so I was able to purchase the book for $5 and side load it to my Nook. 


I really hope BN is paying attention to these boards. I recently read that they layed off a major portion of the hardware development team, so I'm naturally concerned about the future of the Nook product, but I think if BN went "back to basics" and really listened to its customer base to build an ereader with the reader in mind, they'd see a big increase in sales and loyalty. 

If you log into the iPad app, and sort your books by author, books in a series nicely "stack" in by series.(assuming the metadata was properly entered by the publisher.) And when you "unstack" them, the books appear in series order (1,2,3...) By stacking, am referring to how magazines appear together until you tap on them again.


This feature has been available on the iPad for the better part of a year now. Incorporating this feature into the entire Nook line would be very useful to your users. (And should also eliminate a number of the complaints about shelving --- no ability to back up the shelves, the difficulty in creating the shelves, etc.)


Please consider incorporating this feature.


I have a nook simple touch which I really like. However, I have seen almost no real software enhancements and too much emphasis on hardware.


My suggestions on *necessary* enhancements that are causing me to reconsider the new kindle:


1. The nook needs password protection. (not wifi password) password to log into the nook. kindle has it. I have kids and I read trash and I like trash, but I don't want my kids reading it.


2. Better book organization software on the simple touch. Right now to add a book to a shelf you have to bring up the shelf, go through all your books to add the new book. If you have many books, this is a very tedious process. It would be great to be able to go to the book and then add it to the self you want. It would be great to have better book management software.



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I know it's been said before, but I want to add my voice to the mix.  Wireless sideloading is almost a necessary feature.  I've got a NST, and often, I get books from Project Gutenberg or Manybooks, because they are formatted better than what's available on the nook store.  I want to be able to send one of those books to an e-mail address (or through some other, similar action) and have them automatically sent to my nook without having to connect a cable.  I can't believe that it would be that difficult of a feature to implement.

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It would be nice to allow an export of the information for all the books in my library to a CSV file, or something similar, to allow uploading on book cataloguing sites like LibraryThing and GoodReads.  The information like title, author, publisher, page numbers, size of book, ISBN, etc is all available on each books product information page.  Doing it book by book can take a while, so having an export option would be very nice.

To be able to search and add to shelf

Status: New Idea

It would be so much nicer if I could search for a book and then add it to a shelf instead of having to go through almost a hundred books just to add a book to a shelf.  


It would be nice if the Simple Touch would stop locking up also.

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Add Custom Fonts to Nook Reader Application

Status: New Idea

Users should be able to add their own fonts to the Nook. Even though the preloaded font selection on the Nook is good, lots of people want to be able to read in the font of their choice.


On the Kindle models, it is relatively easy and straightforward to install your own fonts on the device.

Real Page Numbers

Status: New Idea

NOOK should add real page numbers that correspond to the print editions so that the customers can easily reference, cite passages, and share with friends.


NOTE: The Amazon Kindle DOES HAVE this feature.

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I read a fair share of text in Cyrillic. There's no built-in hyphenation for such books on the NST Glowlight. This makes for a not that pleasant looking justified texts, with large gaps on bigger font settings.


Another problem resulting from the absent hyphenation with Cyrillic texts is that, on occasion, after I've read a book in Cyrillic, and then I open a book in English, the English book's hyphenation has also disappeared and I have to restart the device to get it back.

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My dream ereader

Status: New Idea
For long and serious reading, it's hard to beat the Simple Touch. But I have reading-centered apps on my HD that would be great in E-ink. So, my suggestion is to have an E-ink reader that runs ICS (minimum) and that allows some apps to be installed. It would be the ultimate ereader - at least for now!
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Suggest Nook Friends with Similar Interests As You

Status: New Idea

A lot of people have a Nook, but don't really know anyone with similar interests to borrow books from. The Nook should help find Nook friends with similar books and interests. This way, people will find Nook friends to share book reviews, quotes, and borrow books from. This kind of like Picked Just for You in the Nook shop, only used to help find Nook friends.

Please consider making future NOOK Simple Touch devices thinner.  Thank you.

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What do YOU think will be the next Nook?

Status: New Idea

I think that Barnes & Noble could really use some input from its customers to create a "perfect" Nook that would really please its customers (you!).


Reply with your ideas for Barnes & Noble on what there should be on the next Nook!

It would be nice to have a list of all the books I have a bookmark set in, and jump straight to the last bookmarked page from that list.


The Library page could have a Bookmarks category in the drop down list. This could simply list all books with a bookmark, and selecting a book would take you to the last bookmarked page.


This would really help me keep track when I'm reading several books. It would be much simpler than managing the books in a shelf.

Now that BN has updated the Nook HD and HD+ to feature the Google Play Store, I believe a Nook Simple Touch update is necessary if BN wants to compete with Amazon and Apple.


Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite has a web browser already. The Nook could be much better if it had:



  • A web browser
  • A email application
  • A news reader (RSS possibly)

These few features are not complicated, and they do not require a lot of processing power. I am not asking for the Nook to play Angry Birds, I would just like it to allow me to read more than books. Email, news, and the web would be fantastic.


I already know about the hidden NST Google login browser, so I know that a real browser would work well on the Nook! As a loyal Nook user for over 3 years, I would be very happy to see updates to the E-ink side of the Nook product line!

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I use our Nooks at school for Reading Groups and it would be a huge benefit to turn OFF the pageturns on the touchscreen for the younger kids. We spend more time making sure we are all on the correct page than actually reading a book. First graders tend to touch the screen accidentally more often and I would love for them to be able to only use the buttons to turn the pages.

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No Foreign Language Sections in the Shop?

Status: New Idea

Right now there doesn't seem to be a category for Libros en Español--or any other foreign language. Searching by a title will bring up a specific book, but it would be nice to be able to browse Spanish language books by category (Ficción, Biografía, etc).  Searching just "libros" or "spanish language" brings up an uncategorized, incomplete list.


It would also be nice to be able to set a language other than English as your default in the shop

My suggestion is that there's a faster way to add a single book to a shelf.  Add an "add to shelf" button in the information screen when you double tap a book in your library.  That way, if you want to add a new book to a shelf, it's fast and easy instead of scrolling through your book list in the shelf edit menu.  With it only sorted by title, if you have a book in the later alphabet, adding a book to a shelf is tedius.


So in summary.  Double tap a book to bring up the book info screen.  Press "Add to Shelf".  Pick the shelf.  Done.


Also, you could add a "Shelves:"  item in the information page to show what shelves a book is already part of.

Page numbers are missing from the ToC on the NST/G in releases 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.  Please add them back.

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