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It would be wonderful if Nook would come out with a way of backing up your shelving system so in the future if you were to have your shelves disappear you could just reload the shelves or if you were to buy a new Nook reader you could just transfer all your work from your older well used Nook to your new Nook. Any chance of this?

My suggestion is that there's a faster way to add a single book to a shelf.  Add an "add to shelf" button in the information screen when you double tap a book in your library.  That way, if you want to add a new book to a shelf, it's fast and easy instead of scrolling through your book list in the shelf edit menu.  With it only sorted by title, if you have a book in the later alphabet, adding a book to a shelf is tedius.


So in summary.  Double tap a book to bring up the book info screen.  Press "Add to Shelf".  Pick the shelf.  Done.


Also, you could add a "Shelves:"  item in the information page to show what shelves a book is already part of.

Page numbers are missing from the ToC on the NST/G in releases 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.  Please add them back.

Please add a way to backup Apps save data to Nook HD.

Status: Under Review

Most games do not allow us to backup the save progress and restore it later.  This is extremely aggravating when a reset is required to resolve another issue and you have to start all over again.


So, in short, it would be wonderful if there was a supported official backup and restore method.

If you log into the iPad app, and sort your books by author, books in a series nicely "stack" in by series.(assuming the metadata was properly entered by the publisher.) And when you "unstack" them, the books appear in series order (1,2,3...) By stacking, am referring to how magazines appear together until you tap on them again.


This feature has been available on the iPad for the better part of a year now. Incorporating this feature into the entire Nook line would be very useful to your users. (And should also eliminate a number of the complaints about shelving --- no ability to back up the shelves, the difficulty in creating the shelves, etc.)


Please consider incorporating this feature.


Nook Library - series organization

Status: New Idea

I have a lot (300+) books on my NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight


I want to read series in the correct order but the titles do not always include what number the book is in the series.


Romance books need to be ordered by Author and series by author.


WHEN will this be added? It is REALLY annoying to have to keep going back to my library on the web to figure out which book to read next in the series!!!! :smileyfrustrated:

I really love my Linux OSs and would really like to be able to read the books i bought when I'm running Linux. I took a look at the reader "Calibre" and it looks awesome! I have bought and use Windows XP Professional (2 instances of it-well one OEM for a home made desktop and the one that came on this laptop), I also have Windows 7 Professional and I'm going to get Windows 7 Ultimate for my next home made to run WITH a Linux or two, by way of VirtualBox, as well. Maybe I only get to have Calibre books on my Linux systems... so be it.

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Real Page Numbers

Status: New Idea

NOOK should add real page numbers that correspond to the print editions so that the customers can easily reference, cite passages, and share with friends.


NOTE: The Amazon Kindle DOES HAVE this feature.

It would be nice to allow an export of the information for all the books in my library to a CSV file, or something similar, to allow uploading on book cataloguing sites like LibraryThing and GoodReads.  The information like title, author, publisher, page numbers, size of book, ISBN, etc is all available on each books product information page.  Doing it book by book can take a while, so having an export option would be very nice.

It would be nice to have a list of all the books I have a bookmark set in, and jump straight to the last bookmarked page from that list.


The Library page could have a Bookmarks category in the drop down list. This could simply list all books with a bookmark, and selecting a book would take you to the last bookmarked page.


This would really help me keep track when I'm reading several books. It would be much simpler than managing the books in a shelf.

What do YOU think will be the next Nook?

Status: New Idea

I think that Barnes & Noble could really use some input from its customers to create a "perfect" Nook that would really please its customers (you!).


Reply with your ideas for Barnes & Noble on what there should be on the next Nook!

I have the Nook Simple Touch and after just a few pages of looking at books, I get the "more" selector.  Why is this?  It would seem obvious since I select the down arrow to get to the next page of items that yes, I do want to see more.  Can you please fix this in the next update?  It's very annoying.



Please consider adding "Europe/Bucharest" as a time zone in NOOK Software, which is GMT+2. This is valid all over Romania.


Best regards,



This suggestion applies to both the Nook apps on Android (which I use on my tablet) and the Nook reader devices (I own a Nook Glow light).


As someone who purchases books, magazines, newspapers and comics. It is fairly easy to get around with the exception of Comic books which often get lost in my library. A new pulldown tab to view only "Comic books" would be greatly appreciated.



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I read a fair share of text in Cyrillic. There's no built-in hyphenation for such books on the NST Glowlight. This makes for a not that pleasant looking justified texts, with large gaps on bigger font settings.


Another problem resulting from the absent hyphenation with Cyrillic texts is that, on occasion, after I've read a book in Cyrillic, and then I open a book in English, the English book's hyphenation has also disappeared and I have to restart the device to get it back.

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Nook Simple Touch/Glowlight Suggestions

Status: New Idea



I have a Nook Simple Touch and I love it. It's a few years old, and will probably need to be replaced this year, but I am really hesitant to buy the Glowlight, because it feels like a downgrade compared to the old Simple Touch. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to replace it, but unless a new Glowlight comes out with a microSD slot, I won't be buying one. 


  * Please add a microSD slot to the Glowlight. With sites like Smashwords, this feature is a must. People use e-ink devices like the Paperwhite and the Glowlight because they are hard core readers -- we don't want to play with apps, we want to read books, and often get them from multiple sources.


* Please consider the ability to use coupon codes/discounts for Nook Books. I realize that a lot of the difficulty in offering this is that permission to discount requires the publisher's permission, but the Kobo store is able to do this for many of its book, so I don't see why Barnes and Noble can't. As an example, the Nook store offered a book for $9.99. The Kobo store also offered the same book for $9.99, but allowed me to use a 50% off coupon code, so I was able to purchase the book for $5 and side load it to my Nook. 


I really hope BN is paying attention to these boards. I recently read that they layed off a major portion of the hardware development team, so I'm naturally concerned about the future of the Nook product, but I think if BN went "back to basics" and really listened to its customer base to build an ereader with the reader in mind, they'd see a big increase in sales and loyalty. 

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Running out of storage on my nook glow light that allows me to add an sd card.....but it's not trivial to download Barnes and noble books.....first need to download to computer....then find the downloaded book .....not easy on windows 8.1 that downloads to a somewhat hidden app given a number but cannot open book to see if it's the right one since 8.1 doesn't list the nook app to open the boom with...then need to hook up glow to sideload....and hopefully remember to rename so can find again
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Add Custom Fonts to Nook Reader Application

Status: New Idea

Users should be able to add their own fonts to the Nook. Even though the preloaded font selection on the Nook is good, lots of people want to be able to read in the font of their choice.


On the Kindle models, it is relatively easy and straightforward to install your own fonts on the device.

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I have a Simple Touch and am not very clever re computors.  I had about 120 library books I wanted to get OFF as my available space was down to 30%.  I had gone to B&N stores and talked with phone help all to no avail.  the instruction manual was also hopeless.  Those instructions did not work unless it was an item I had bought at B&N.  I could not even archive these.   Basically I had been told there was no way short of rebooting and starting over.  Last week I was in my local B&N store and asked the clerk and WOW!  I found out how and have gotten rid of the 120 books and have 96% of the space left!!  SO FOR  OTHER POSSIBLE FOLKS LIKE ME, HERE IS THE SCOOP!   Plug in the NOOK to your computor.  Go to My Computor, to the drive ( I for me) where these books are hiding and just go in an delete! You can tell the titles and it is SO EASY!!  Only took me a year to get lucky!

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