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Please bring Nook online store to Australia and New Zealand. At present it is very hard for me to be able to buy Nook ebooks online as it checks the ISP domain and block the sale fo the item outside US.

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For the online store and the Nook Shop it would be nice to have a cart to be able to purchase more than one ebook at a time.

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Allow Adobe (ADEPT) EPUB DRM as a customer choice

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One of the largest complaints I hear about NOOK devices is the requirement to have a Credit Card on the account. While I personally feel that there is a completely valid reason for the requirement (the Social DRM that BN employs is easily the most permissive and flexible of the major DRM choices available today), I understand the hesitance of some people to storing their personal billing information online.


An easy way to make customers happy would be to simply allow, as a customer choice, the ability to encode books with either the BN Social DRM or the more standard ADEPT DRM. By default the devices can still prompt for Credit Card information upon registration and the BN Social DRM can still be the go-to DRM model, but an option in the account management section of would allow a customer to change their DRM style. Thus both the customers and BN are happy - for the vast majority of accounts BN is still capturing the billing information and making impulse shopping easy, but for those who are reticent of the system there is a second option to make them happy.


This would also have a number of tangential side effects that would be a boon to the system. For example, an account using ADEPT would not require a Credit Card to be listed on the account but could still make purchases via Gift Card, making it the perfect account for parents who want to buy an eReader for their child but don't want them to purchase in excess of a certain amount. Likewise, it also makes a great system for people who have chosen not to use Credit and Debit cards and thus wouldn't have access to the NOOK ecosystem.


While there may be some additional costs to roll out the system (the so-called "Adobe Tax" to license the ADEPT encoding system in particular), I believe in the long run it would be a popular option that expands the reach of the NOOK business into markets that it is currently underserving.




*I tried submitting this feedback at the store level but my manager got a bit confused by all the technobabble, so I'm forced to make you do the hard work Alex. Apologies. :smileyhappy:*

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Barnes and Noble / Nook now has the backing of Microsoft and some of the biggest publishers in the world. This means they have the ability to push the publishers in the inevitable direction that music has already gone -- with the elimination of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management).  Its high time to do away with DRM.  There are so many ludicrous things about DRM - let me tell you about just one ridiculous situation that came up tonight. 


Tonight I bought a gift NookBook for my mother in law.  Except for some reason it never got to her.  Suffice it to say that it was a technical snafu and it ended up in my account instead of hers.  But when I called to ask to have them transfer it to her account the "customer service rep." actually said that they didn't have a way to do that!!!  Can you  believe that??? They actually suggested I buy it as a gift a second time to "solve" the problem!!!  In other words they made an insulting suggestion instead of offering some kind of solution.  Yeah, I'm going to give more money to you to buy the book (that I don't want for myself -- its for her not me) because your company isn't competent enough to offer real customer service?!?!?


What a joke DRM is.  If it weren't for DRM I would just move it myself, problem solved.  When I buy a physical book I can gift it to whoever I want.  I don't need some special key to remove the lock on the book or to give me the ability to actually read the book.  We have the right to do with our possessions and to share them as we please.  DRM is unethical.

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