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To be able to search and add to shelf

Status: New Idea

It would be so much nicer if I could search for a book and then add it to a shelf instead of having to go through almost a hundred books just to add a book to a shelf.  


It would be nice if the Simple Touch would stop locking up also.

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isbn numbers

Status: Not Likely
I would love to have an option to show ISBN numbers in my library. I use good reads and having the isbn's would simplify the process of adding books to my good reads account.
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Tot education game apps mixed in with reference apps that grownups would use. Okay if there's only a couple pages of apps, but it's a nightmare wading through it all trying to browse for what might work for me. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Can we get more sub categories to help us out here? Would save on batteries and TIME if we weren't spending three to four times as long looking for what we might need. I tend to just give up after a while. Separate GAMES from apps with specific functions.

I have been trying to buy cookbooks on my NOOK to save space in my kitchen.  It would make my life so much easier if there was a way for me to tag recipes that I like in a variety of different books and have a "custom book" be generated that included all the pages I tagged.   That would allow me to have one super cookbook.   I am sure there would be other uses for this feature besides recipes.   This would be a great enhancement for a new Nook or for the application,   I would happily pay for a Nook application that included this feature!




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I have an HD+ and have a couple of suggestion for the next firmware update.

With age my eyes have gotten to the point that I can no longer comfortably read printed material, the nook platform is a blessing. There are eight choices of font size and I am currently using number six and would like a slightly bigger font but number seven is too big. There should be one in between them.

The font size for the dictionary is too small and can't be adjusted, this should be corrected.

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1) When I open a book on my computer, its page size is different than when I read a book on the nook, an iPad, or my phone.  Each device though only checks the page number from the previous device, and jmping to most recent page on the next device goes to a significantly different area.  It would be good to correctly offset pages


2) As I purchase more and more books they tend to run over each other and it becomes hard to sort them all (unless I remember the specific title I am searching for).  A user-driven category system (that correctly maps to different devices) would make it much easier to sort my books (technology, fantasy, humor, etc)


3) It took a very long time and google searches to find a place where I could leave feedback - not the case for apple, amazon, etc.  I want to support this product and, even if you don't have time to read all the feedback, it would make users feel more involved if they even think someone is reading their comments.  Please add a clear and visible 'Provide Feedback' and 'Report Problem' button in each device


4) Naturally B&N carries some publishers, Amazon others, and so on.  Instead of having to guess what we will purchase, you could create an (easily accessible) area fo us to leave requests for which books we wish we could read on the Nook.  Have us put in the ISBN of the specific books so you don't have to guess at what title we are talking about.  Then you could just set an automated system continually monitor that and your business team will get clear feedback and cost-benefit analysis


5) I love Amazon for a lot of things, but I love B&N for books over Amazon.  First because you do not censor books as Amazon has done twice in the past, but more importantly because you have physical book stores.  I like going into a store, browsing through books, drining a coffee, and if I like the book then purchasing it - for my nook.  My bookshelves are simply too full for more physical books.  Why not take advantage of that to let the nook (or my phone, iPad, Android tablet) scan the bar code on the back of the book to quickly see if an ebook is available?  The technology is out there and available from a number of free aps, impulse purchases would be more common, and you would gain suggestive feedback (if GPS or local network is enabled) which purchases are made as a result of seeing something in a B&N bookstore vs. other means.  I'm sure marketing could come up with a ton of info they would love as a result


6) Since the main call to fame for the Nook is the presence of physical stores, you may consider closer tie-ins between the Nook and the physical stores.  Eg. checking store's inventory for physcal copies of a book a user may want to browse, scaning a book in a store for suggestions of other books in the store to look at / find out which the 1st book in a series is, scan in purchased physical book barcodes to get reminders of what you already have / when a new book in a watched series is released, maybe on the splash screen showing when something interesting is happening at the nearby physical stores (author visits, group meetings) etc.  Stuff to bring the two experiences together and promote both as a result.  The Nook won't compete with the iPad and Android tablets, don't try that as the primary concern, focus on what the Nook already is best at and don't forget most of the time we will use non-nook devices (because my phone is always in my pocket, my computer has a giant screen, and so on)

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Provide a subscription service for $9/month.  Allow for "4 downloads" of any books, movies, or magazines.


For example:


2 books/1 movie/1 magazine

1 book/3 movies

3 books/1 magazine

1 book/2 magazine/1 movie

4 movies



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When I look for new, free, and popular books, I have to filter through hundreds of pages of adult novels. It's not only embarassing if other people are in the room, it's hard to look at things I might be interested in with things I don't want to be looking at distracting me. We like to keep our home and minds free from that junk. If other people want to read it, that's fine, but for both children and adults, there should be an option to filter those results out on the B&N website and the nook store.

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Suggest Nook Friends with Similar Interests As You

Status: New Idea

A lot of people have a Nook, but don't really know anyone with similar interests to borrow books from. The Nook should help find Nook friends with similar books and interests. This way, people will find Nook friends to share book reviews, quotes, and borrow books from. This kind of like Picked Just for You in the Nook shop, only used to help find Nook friends.

HD+ - Titles, Sort view, missing "quick get to" feature

Status: Under Review

On the NT, when looking at your books, when viewing your TITLES, in addition to the list and grid view, there was another view (don't even know what you really call it.)  Basically, it let you view your titles like this:


0 - 9

A- C


G -I







Would like to see this feature returned to the HD+ software.  (The never.........ending....... scrolling to get to the bottom is tedious)


Alternatively, something similar to how phones work where the entire alphabet is kind of superimposed on the far right side, and you select a letter to get you closer to where you want to be. (Yeah, I'm not explaining the phone thing well. But if you've used one, you probably know what I mean.)


Using the search feature isn't really working (since it picks up all instances of a word.)  For example, to get to all my titles that start with "The", a search will include all instances of titles with "the" within the titles as well as those that start with "the."


Would also like to see something similar for Authors as well.

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I've got no way to help improve the product that I not only support by purchasing, but also by selling.  There is no clear method for users to express their wishes to make the Nook better. 



Where do we find out if an IDEA or Suggestion has been implemented by B&N on the Nook HD?

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Book shelf

Status: New Idea

I would love to buy the HAD nook. How ever  one of the most basic needs for the bookshelf is missing,


When I set up  my book shelf , I would think being able to arrange my book series in proper order

of the series would be possible to do. I was surprised that its not possible the books just scramble

in the shelf and I can arrange them in the order they should be in. I wont buy another nook as much as I like them until this oversight is  fixed,



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I would love to have a Nook app for Windows Phone.

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Alphabetical order...please

Status: New Idea

When I add or edit a shelf to the HD+, I have to use a list of my books that is alphabetyized by title. All the other presentation give me a choice by title or author. The more useful would be if the "manage..." list were by author than title.


Also, once a number of shelves have been created, there needs to be a way to keep them in a particular order.

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Coupons for Nook Books

Status: New Idea

Much of the Barnes & Noble customer base is on its Nooks. B&N would really benefit and earn profits if they offered coupons for Nook Books, as an incentive for people to purchase more Nook products. Also, it would make Nook customers happy.

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The greatest joy is sharing a new series with someone.  It would be great it you could bundle a new nook with a collection of titles.  Such as a fantasy, romance, non-fiction, etc... collection.  Users can select from any in that genre up to a limited number of titles, depending on price point. 


Since the unit has to be registered first, I would reimagine the gift card so that the customer can pre-load the gift card with the purchases.  The gift card would be encoded with the collection and then activated online where the verified purchases will then be automatically loaded to the user's library.


There are some infrastructure tweaks this would obviously require, but this is something that isn't offered anywhere else and for serious readers, it would be an awesome way to "gift" books to a nook.

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I just scanned tons of reviews complaining of the lack of page-turn buttons on the glow light. Personally, I'm surprised that BN, and that other reader company, haven't been hit with an ADA suit from people without the use of both hands. Most of the complaints were from people without the use of their right hand. Why force the right side of the screen to be 'forward'? My first Palm reader app from many years ago allowed choosing which screen area and button was considered 'forward' and 'backward', - including the top and bottom of the screen. It would also scroll text or turn pages automatically at varying speeds without having to touch anything. Yes, that slowed your reading down a bit, but let you read with dirty or wet or no hands. Surely somebody at BN could match the functionality of something from the 90's. I also add my vote for increased functionality for the shelves, but BN has been ignoring that one ever since I've been a customer, so I'm not holding my breath.
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Status: New Idea

Would like the porn to go into their own separate category. When I am searching for a book to purchase, I run across a lot of the X rated ones. I just don't care to see them as I look for a good mystery, romance, etc.

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Real Page Numbers

Status: New Idea

NOOK should add real page numbers that correspond to the print editions so that the customers can easily reference, cite passages, and share with friends.


NOTE: The Amazon Kindle DOES HAVE this feature.

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