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I've had a couple of ideas that would make the nook HD even more of a joy than it is to use now,  I love the library setup that we have and the nook cloud is a neat system but it would be better if we also had the option to archive our books from the library.  Even with the option to go online it would be more useful to archive and have our lists be smaller,  another fun thing would be to have our wishlists from the online store be in the shop app on the nook.  I would like to see the archiving idea show up in the next update.

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I have the Nook Simple Touch and after just a few pages of looking at books, I get the "more" selector.  Why is this?  It would seem obvious since I select the down arrow to get to the next page of items that yes, I do want to see more.  Can you please fix this in the next update?  It's very annoying.

1. Battery status percentage on Status Bar.
I don't understand why still does not have Battery percentage option. It's really difficult to recognize.


2. 'Bluetooth on/off' option in Quick Settings window.

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Wish list for Google Play apps

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Is there a wish list for apps that are available on Google Play but not compatible with Nook HD+.  I love all my Nooks and I am currently using Evernote on it, but Evernote Skitch is not compatible with my Nook HD+.  If these productivity apps were available, then I wouldn't need to buy an Android Tablet which I considered just before Google Play became available on the Nook HD and HD+

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Lately, I do almost all of my reading on my Nook app on my Android phone.  It is very handy since I always have my phone with me, I can pull it out and read at any time.  However, at night, when my wife turns the light off, I swtich my app to Night theme so its not so bright.  This takes 5 clicks to get there, set it and get back to reading. (Menu | All Settings | Page Themes | Night | Go Back.)  I always seem to be fumbling with it.    Then in the morning, when the sun bright and I can barely see the dark screen, I have to fumble through these same options to get it back to Day mode, so I can see anything.  I would gladly give up a little screen size for a spot to open a menu bar to toggle this mode, and adjust screen brightness.


Also, the app's image zoom is useless.  It magnifies "Extremely Tiny" images to "Tiny"  ... gee thanks. I read a lot of Fantasy which (thanks to Tolkein) almost always includes a map. The maps are unusable in your app because the text and images are too small.  Just include a way to click on an image and open it in Android's browser or other image viewer.

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What do YOU think will be the next Nook?

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I think that Barnes & Noble could really use some input from its customers to create a "perfect" Nook that would really please its customers (you!).


Reply with your ideas for Barnes & Noble on what there should be on the next Nook!

Patiently waiting for a WP8 app. The desktop Windows 8 app is superb and would love to see this brought to Windows Phone. This is the only think keeping me from making the switch from Android to WP. Unfortunately the WP version is quite slow (especially with scrolling and magazines). As of now the only good ebook software on WP is Kindle which I do not enjoy, unfortunately my wife is forced to buy though them as it is all that is available on her Windows Phone.


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Add Auto-Correct!!!

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All of the Apple tablets and the Kindle Fires have auto-correct on them. I think a new Nook device would be awesome with auto-correct.

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Things id like to see


Resolve having Google play trying to update the Nook versions of apps and fail... Leave my nook apps alone!


Really miss ArticleView and dislike Google Chrome as a default, tends to have some privacy issues with Google and doesn't work with Flash plugin.. Get that its probably mandated but bring back the native browser as an option. Or atleast have a feature like Articleview avalible


Larger tabs in Chrome.. (Ditto for Dolphin) since the usual tricks to enter Chrome's settings dont seem to work on Nook.. Used to be a option for Touch Screen compatibility which would enlarge the tab size...


Fix the native comic book reading app.. since its an ereader.. It should natively read comic book files, and not rely on a kludge like a third party reading app..


Have a separate app screen for Nook and Play apps, so you know what apps you bought from B&N vs Google in an easy format..
(Keep the mixed one as an option but allow me to select, Store, Cloud (for archived store apps) Play, or both as one view)


Allow apps to be filed in folder/groups similar to a true Nexus device?


Improve the battery management..


Seeing random white pixels near the Nooks app bar that dissapear if screen is refreshed or rotated


Fix the widget support.. Theres enough room for some widgets but the nook complains there isn't. Theres some funkiness with the sizing


Updates to the Quick Guide and User guide covering this version of the Nook OS/Android and the changes made


Really would like to see the the full time and date in the dropdown you get if you tap the clock, i.e
Friday, March 10, 2013 at 12:18 PM and 5/10/2013 (or selected date format in settings) as the first item on the settings dropdown


Cant the toolbar have a selectable transparency instead of all black, I get why folks didnt like it grey, but itwould give more display room if you could see *under* it slightly..


Ability to import or purchase additional fonts for ebooks..


Option to enable/disable tap on keypress on virtual keyboard.. Find its a bit flakey and sometimes theres a sound, and sometimes not...


Cant think of anything else yet.



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Im SO glad the NOOK finally got Google Play!!!!

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I use our Nooks at school for Reading Groups and it would be a huge benefit to turn OFF the pageturns on the touchscreen for the younger kids. We spend more time making sure we are all on the correct page than actually reading a book. First graders tend to touch the screen accidentally more often and I would love for them to be able to only use the buttons to turn the pages.

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Barnes and Noble / Nook now has the backing of Microsoft and some of the biggest publishers in the world. This means they have the ability to push the publishers in the inevitable direction that music has already gone -- with the elimination of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management).  Its high time to do away with DRM.  There are so many ludicrous things about DRM - let me tell you about just one ridiculous situation that came up tonight. 


Tonight I bought a gift NookBook for my mother in law.  Except for some reason it never got to her.  Suffice it to say that it was a technical snafu and it ended up in my account instead of hers.  But when I called to ask to have them transfer it to her account the "customer service rep." actually said that they didn't have a way to do that!!!  Can you  believe that??? They actually suggested I buy it as a gift a second time to "solve" the problem!!!  In other words they made an insulting suggestion instead of offering some kind of solution.  Yeah, I'm going to give more money to you to buy the book (that I don't want for myself -- its for her not me) because your company isn't competent enough to offer real customer service?!?!?


What a joke DRM is.  If it weren't for DRM I would just move it myself, problem solved.  When I buy a physical book I can gift it to whoever I want.  I don't need some special key to remove the lock on the book or to give me the ability to actually read the book.  We have the right to do with our possessions and to share them as we please.  DRM is unethical.



Please consider adding "Europe/Bucharest" as a time zone in NOOK Software, which is GMT+2. This is valid all over Romania.


Best regards,



I'm using the built-in email client on the HD+ with yahoo mail and I've found no *practical* way to either import my contact list from yahoo or even access info from the built-in contacts app (and using work-arounds like exporting my yahoo contacts to google and trying to import the data from there seem rather hacky). This severely limits the usability of email on this device. On a related note, having apps like contacts and calendar *only* sync with exchange *on a consumer device* seems like a poor product decision. My guess is that most Nook users won't be using their tablets as corporate messaging devices....

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Shelves & Archives

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I recently upgraded my 1st Gen Nook for a Simple Touch and I'm a bit annoyed!  The Simple Touch does not have an "Unshelved" catagory!  I cannot see what books I have yet to shelve.  It's really annoying. 


Also, I would love to have the ability to hide my archived books.  They are archived for a reason. I don't need/want to see them all the time.  I consider the BN website my library, and the Nook my book.  I don't want to carry all my books all the time.  The ability to see all the books is very frustrating and overwhelming.


Also, BN, you really need to work on your website.  Books in series aren't always marked as such, I can't easily get to an entire series, and there is no easy way to add to cart or buy from searching.  There is a lot of clicking involved.


Overall, I love my SimpleTouch and my Nooks because I dislike backlight when I read.  I want to keep using my Nook, but I can't help but be frustrated by it.  Thanks for reading!

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Can BN add "lend me" information in the product details of  This would be nice to know prior to purchasing a book.  Not all books have the "Lend Me" Band/Picture when searching for books on


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Spritz ( has been in the news lately.  There are others that have similar takes on speed reading.  I would love to see something in the smartphone/tablet/desktop apps like Spritz where you can crank it up to 500 wpm.

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Add a search option for recent releases into all searchs with a date range of 2 months or custom up to 12 months.


Trying to find recent releases in a genre is stupidly difficult.

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Suggestion for seamless bookmarks

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My gen 1 nook would allow you to save your bookmarks with an internet connection and I could pick up on the same page on my nook app and then vice versa.  I upgraded to the HD+ and that functionality seems to no longer exist.  It would be great if you were able to pick up right where you leave off no matter the device you are reading on and as long as you have an internet connection.  

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