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Add a search option for recent releases into all searchs with a date range of 2 months or custom up to 12 months.


Trying to find recent releases in a genre is stupidly difficult.

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Suggestion for seamless bookmarks

Status: New Idea

My gen 1 nook would allow you to save your bookmarks with an internet connection and I could pick up on the same page on my nook app and then vice versa.  I upgraded to the HD+ and that functionality seems to no longer exist.  It would be great if you were able to pick up right where you leave off no matter the device you are reading on and as long as you have an internet connection.  

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Hi, Last year I read "Collapse" by Richard Stephenson. I bought it for download on my NOOK.


It's sequel "Resistance" is out by hasn't been available on NOOK. I don't have a Kindle and can't afford one right now. How can you order specific titles? I tried once on a contact email but it was returned with an error message. 




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In the account section, the order list only shows Order Number and not the title.  So you have to click on every entry to figure out what each is for.  Adding the title to the entry would make this so much more user-friendly.   As someone who works with web design in IT, I am baffled at how this is missing..

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Provide a subscription service for $9/month.  Allow for "4 downloads" of any books, movies, or magazines.


For example:


2 books/1 movie/1 magazine

1 book/3 movies

3 books/1 magazine

1 book/2 magazine/1 movie

4 movies



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I have a Simple Touch and am not very clever re computors.  I had about 120 library books I wanted to get OFF as my available space was down to 30%.  I had gone to B&N stores and talked with phone help all to no avail.  the instruction manual was also hopeless.  Those instructions did not work unless it was an item I had bought at B&N.  I could not even archive these.   Basically I had been told there was no way short of rebooting and starting over.  Last week I was in my local B&N store and asked the clerk and WOW!  I found out how and have gotten rid of the 120 books and have 96% of the space left!!  SO FOR  OTHER POSSIBLE FOLKS LIKE ME, HERE IS THE SCOOP!   Plug in the NOOK to your computor.  Go to My Computor, to the drive ( I for me) where these books are hiding and just go in an delete! You can tell the titles and it is SO EASY!!  Only took me a year to get lucky!

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Nook Simple Touch/Glowlight Suggestions

Status: New Idea



I have a Nook Simple Touch and I love it. It's a few years old, and will probably need to be replaced this year, but I am really hesitant to buy the Glowlight, because it feels like a downgrade compared to the old Simple Touch. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have to replace it, but unless a new Glowlight comes out with a microSD slot, I won't be buying one. 


  * Please add a microSD slot to the Glowlight. With sites like Smashwords, this feature is a must. People use e-ink devices like the Paperwhite and the Glowlight because they are hard core readers -- we don't want to play with apps, we want to read books, and often get them from multiple sources.


* Please consider the ability to use coupon codes/discounts for Nook Books. I realize that a lot of the difficulty in offering this is that permission to discount requires the publisher's permission, but the Kobo store is able to do this for many of its book, so I don't see why Barnes and Noble can't. As an example, the Nook store offered a book for $9.99. The Kobo store also offered the same book for $9.99, but allowed me to use a 50% off coupon code, so I was able to purchase the book for $5 and side load it to my Nook. 


I really hope BN is paying attention to these boards. I recently read that they layed off a major portion of the hardware development team, so I'm naturally concerned about the future of the Nook product, but I think if BN went "back to basics" and really listened to its customer base to build an ereader with the reader in mind, they'd see a big increase in sales and loyalty. 

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Different Colored trim for Nook Glowlight

Status: New Idea

The newest Nook Glowlight has a gray, rubber border on the device which is removable (though unadvised for long periods by your associates). B&N should look into creating different colored versions of this rubber border for a really cool, stylish was to custiomize your Nook Glowlight. I for one would love a dark blue one! NOOK GlowLight  

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Magazines and comic books can take up a lot of space (especially if you subscribe to many). Adding an option to save to SD card memory would be great on Android devices. I can not think of any competitor (Sony, Amazon, Kobo, Zinio) that currently allows this and could give B&N an advantage in this competative market.

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If you log into the iPad app, and sort your books by author, books in a series nicely "stack" in by series.(assuming the metadata was properly entered by the publisher.) And when you "unstack" them, the books appear in series order (1,2,3...) By stacking, am referring to how magazines appear together until you tap on them again.


This feature has been available on the iPad for the better part of a year now. Incorporating this feature into the entire Nook line would be very useful to your users. (And should also eliminate a number of the complaints about shelving --- no ability to back up the shelves, the difficulty in creating the shelves, etc.)


Please consider incorporating this feature.


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Hello, here are two very important suggestions I believe are critical for the Nook HD & HD+:


Please allow us to download Play apps onto an SD card, I bought a 32gb card the other day to be dissapointed that I couldn't load more apps on it.


Also, please let us have the option to only manually sync the library, when I'm playing games the "syncing library" notification pops up constantly and lags my game.


Thank you! These are definately urgently needed.

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Sorting by Genre

Status: Acknowledged

It would be really nice to be able to sort my nook books by genre.  I would really like to look at the genre and view my based off of Thriller, Romance, Action, etc.  

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I think it would be fantastic if the nook library had a system, like a shelf, with a list of books that you have already read. It gets pretty frustrating for an avid reader, like me, to have to constantly weed out the books I’ve read. A separate tab in my library would be awesome, and if I wanted to re-read any of them- it won’t be a problem because they are all organized!!

It would be very helpful if when displaying books on a shelf created for a specific series, an option to display by series order were available.  Thanks for considering this suggestion.

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I would love to see interactive magazines added to the B&N catalog. My wife uses Google Play as her source for magazines and a number of these are "interactive" where you can scroll through portions of the page or enlarge pictures with descriptions in the same page. These same magazines do not have this feature in the Android Nook app and are simply scans of the original magazine.


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Magazines currently perform very poorly on Android devices in comparison to competitors such as Google Play and Zinio. Device speed does not appear to impact performance of magazines as new top of the line devices also perform poorly in this app.


Poor performance can be demonstrated by scolling, page turning, zooming and text view, all of which stutter along with finger input.


Google play magazines and Zinio magazines scoll and zoom very smoothly creating a better experience when reading magazines.



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This suggestion applies to both the Nook apps on Android (which I use on my tablet) and the Nook reader devices (I own a Nook Glow light).


As someone who purchases books, magazines, newspapers and comics. It is fairly easy to get around with the exception of Comic books which often get lost in my library. A new pulldown tab to view only "Comic books" would be greatly appreciated.



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Status: Clarification Needed

I would like a feature where I could plug  in an ear plug into the Nook and have it read to me.  It would be especially helpful to be able to plug the Nook into a jack in the car and allow the reader to use the car radio/stereo to read the book much like an apple Ipod  performs its music functions.


I fyou were driving on a road trip, it would be nice if the book would read the words in the story to you.Listening to books while you drive is a very enjoyable experience and you should support the process



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isbn numbers

Status: Not Likely
I would love to have an option to show ISBN numbers in my library. I use good reads and having the isbn's would simplify the process of adding books to my good reads account.
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I wish Barnes & Noble had something similar to Amazon's BookMatch.  Essentially a service where if you buy the physical book from B&N you can get the Nook Book version for free, 1, 2, or 3 dollars depending on the book.  Basically the book version of digital copy movies.

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