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I have multiple Nooks.  I tend to buy all the books in a series.   I buy lots of books.   Organizing things to be able to find what I want quickly is a pain..Especially when I have to go add a book to a shelf on multiple devices.  I have already seen the idea of allowing shelf management on a PC.   I will go a step matter where I make a shelf, make it propagate to every device and my online library.   Even better...when I buy a book in a series, automatically put that book in a shelf with the series name on it (create the shelf if it doesn't exist) and save me the trouble of trying to figure it out.   Also, allow specification of order in the shelf so the books show up in the proper order rather than alphabetically...and even automate this if possible.   Try to get the method of adding a book to a shelf on NookHD+ to work on Nook Simple Touch.   Why should I have to go through every page to try to select what books go on what SimpleTouch has over 70 pages to go through and that is painful.    Allow automatic shelf filters to allow making some types of shelves easier (think iTunes automatic playlists) so I can create a self-managing shelf on date of publication, author, series, rating, recently purchased, recently read, and so forth.   Even better, allow tags to be put on books and allow self-managing shelf based on tag.  

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Please, please, please!!!

Status: Open
Please give us an update to make shelving easier. I have waited 6 months for one so far. The way shelving is now you have to find the shelf or shelves the book is on to remove it. This is like a scavenger hunt prior to the last two update all you had to do was to press until window popped up, choose remove book from shelf and another window would pop up listing all the shelves the book was on. Then all you had to do was press the shelf you wanted the book removed from. The way it is now you have to go to each individual shelf to remove it. Say you have a book named "Street Lights" on the following shelves (Mystery, Drama, Unread, and Paranormal. Say you have 600 books on say 25 different shelves. As it is now you have to go through all 25 shelves and sift through all the books on each shelves in order to find what shelves you have "Street Light" on. You may as well have no shelves at all because it takes forever to find them. Please give us readers an up date for Nook HD+
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Flagging Books that have already been read

Status: New Idea

I may have missed a post on this, but I would really like to know how to flag books that I've already read. (Or have the ability to do so added.) I recently switched from the Nook Color to Nook HD+ and have had to redownload my books. I'm not sure which ones I have read now and usually have to wait until I open to know for sure.

Battery meter missing from Quick Settings on HD+

Status: Under Review

One of the nice features of the NC/NT was the ability to see the battery meter % when tapping on Quick Settings. This % is now buried in the settings menu. Please return it to the Quick Settings screen. Thanks!

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The Nook Color and Tablet displayed the Chapter and the number of pages remaining in the Chapter in the center of the Reading Progress display as well as the total pages in the book ( on the right corner). I would like to see this feature return the the Nook HD+/HD 's reader. I also would like to be able to lock the auto page turn from with in the book like I could in the Nook Color.


If Publisher defaults are selected you can not change font size on the Nook HD+.  On the Nook Color you could turn on Publisher defaults and still adjust the size of your font for easier reading.


Need I mention disappearing Shelves!!


Finally.. Nook HD+ needs to be able to actually read/refresh  its ext_Sdcard when one is installed. Currently I have to shutdown/restart the HD+  to actually be able to read an ebook or file placed / downloaded onto the SD card.  The Files in Library will show the file is on the SD card but you get error message trying to use the reader until you restart the HD+. Additionally once you restart the HD+ all sideloaded content "disappears" from the keep reading Active Shelf and you have to go search for a sideloaded book you might have been reading before you rebooted the HD+.  




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Please add a way to backup Apps save data to Nook HD.

Status: Under Review

Most games do not allow us to backup the save progress and restore it later.  This is extremely aggravating when a reset is required to resolve another issue and you have to start all over again.


So, in short, it would be wonderful if there was a supported official backup and restore method.

I would love for the on-line wish list to be available on the nook. As it is, you have to create a separate wish-list on the nook, and if you purchase a book on-line that is on your nook wish-list then the book does not disappear from the nook wish-list. Annoying.

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Hide Cloud Items

Status: Under Review

With the changes to the Archive system branding on the HD Series NOOKs ("NOOK Cloud"), a rather annoying issue has cropped up. Unlike the Archive system from the Encore and Simple Touch lines, which hid archived items in a seperate menu on the device, items stored in the NOOK Cloud are still visible in the main Library of a NOOK HD/HD+. This has an adverse effect on people with large libraries who previously used the Archive function to organize their Library.


Adding an option to "Hide Items in NOOK Cloud" to the Library view on the HD Series devices (much like the N1E allowed "Hide" and "Show" options for Archived items) would alleviate this common issue.

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isbn numbers

Status: Not Likely
I would love to have an option to show ISBN numbers in my library. I use good reads and having the isbn's would simplify the process of adding books to my good reads account.
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I have a nook simple touch which I really like. However, I have seen almost no real software enhancements and too much emphasis on hardware.


My suggestions on *necessary* enhancements that are causing me to reconsider the new kindle:


1. The nook needs password protection. (not wifi password) password to log into the nook. kindle has it. I have kids and I read trash and I like trash, but I don't want my kids reading it.


2. Better book organization software on the simple touch. Right now to add a book to a shelf you have to bring up the shelf, go through all your books to add the new book. If you have many books, this is a very tedious process. It would be great to be able to go to the book and then add it to the self you want. It would be great to have better book management software.



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Please add ability to export highlights and notes to a txt or doc

Status: New Idea

Suggested this on the old Issues & Suggestions board to no avail (the board that dissappeared about a year ago), but IMO it is worthy of being suggested again. So here goes.


It would be particularly helpful for non-fiction books if users had the ability to export their highlights and notes to either a txt or doc for quick reference. (Though some English majors might like this for their studies as well, so I am in no way suggesting this feature be limited to non-fiction.) From reviewing other software on the market, this is clearly doable because:


  • My original Sony reader (purchased back in 2009 prior to the NE1 going on sale) could do this --- admittedly it wasn't perfect, truncated highlights at 100 or 200 characters --- but it was doable.
  • There are currently some independent reading programs available on GooglePlay that will do this now.

Realize that B&N and/or the publishers may have concerns about users highlighting entire books, downloading all the highlights and then sharing the download (and they end up losing a sale.)  Don't really think this is going to happen, but recognize that it is a concern.  To that end, maybe you could implement it this way (or something like it):

1) Allow for a continuous highlight to export to 2500 or 3000 characters (allow us a full paragraph here and there.)

2) You can set some kind of maximum export % per book.  For example, say no matter how much I highlight, it will only export up to 50% of the total character count in the book.


Here's two examples of where it would be useful:

1) Technical books:  Some of them are kind of big.  (I have one thats about 4000 pages.)  It's just kind of unwieldly to use the bookmarks/highlights/notes feature in the book. (Mind you,I am glad it's there for the first run-through.)  Just would be nice if I could export the 100 or so pages of notes that are important to me for quick reference.

2) Travel books: Now travel books in ebook format sounds great, doesn't it?  You would think they would be a perfect fit together.  Load up travel books on your tablet in advance, read and highlight what you want to see, what restaurants you might want to visit, museums, etc.  Only carry the tablet instead of 3 books. Sounds like a great idea, right?  But chances are, the order of your trip won't follow the order of the book.  And you find yourself flipping through the book, muttering "Now what was the name of that restaurant, where's the highlight?"   Where if I could have exported this info in advance, could have re-arranged it according to date, put in some "if you have extra time, check out xxxx" etc.  As it was, I found myself going to the paper book I brought along more often (those little post-it notes made it easier.)


IMO, this is a practical, "reading centric" feature that I hope B&N will implement into their software.  Thanks for considering it.



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There are 2 apps which work well and address exisitng Nook user interface issues.


1  Calibre Companion - permits connecting a device to a computer running calibre wirelessly.  The connection is a true device connection and supports managing epub, text, PDF and RTF files without the problems that the HD and HD+ software are having for many users. 


2  Status Bar + - permits a status bar to be displayed at all times (including when reading) with a clock, a battery indicator, a wireless signal strength indicator and a charging indicator.  There are numerous requests for these features to be available on the new devices as well. 


Both of these products are currently sold ad-free in the Android marketplace, so the authors are not depending on AdSense or other non-BN platforms for income.  Evaluating them for inclusion on the shop would let BN address requests with minimal staff time. 

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I have an HD+ and have a couple of suggestion for the next firmware update.

With age my eyes have gotten to the point that I can no longer comfortably read printed material, the nook platform is a blessing. There are eight choices of font size and I am currently using number six and would like a slightly bigger font but number seven is too big. There should be one in between them.

The font size for the dictionary is too small and can't be adjusted, this should be corrected.

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Nook Library - series organization

Status: New Idea

I have a lot (300+) books on my NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight


I want to read series in the correct order but the titles do not always include what number the book is in the series.


Romance books need to be ordered by Author and series by author.


WHEN will this be added? It is REALLY annoying to have to keep going back to my library on the web to figure out which book to read next in the series!!!! :smileyfrustrated:

I love the way the magazines on my Nook HD+ and Nook Color go into collapsing menus, where I just set one entry for the magazine and I tap it, and I see all of the magazines.


I think it would be nice if there was an option on the library screen to turn that on for authors and/or series. Personally I'd like it for both, and I'd probably go back and forth between the two views and normal view, but I'd be happy with either.


Reasons for this are

- it would make scrolling through the library screen easier, because there'd be less of it, and fewer things to trip up your fingers.  Large libraries, especially, can already take a while to load.

- in some ways, it could reduce the need for my own shelves, by making things easier to find, and in ways it's possible people might shelve them.  

- it would make it much easier, to see, at a glance, if there are certain books by an author, or in a series, that I'm missing.  Sometimes, when you're looking at your library there's too much other stuff around to make it easy to focus on what's not there, or some series books are written by different authors, and sorted differently, even if you sort by author.

- it could make it easier for archving and/or assigning to profiles if you could send entire stacks to the archive or to the desired profile (this person can read everything by Gaiman, or archive all the Harry Potter books) instead of needing to select each book individually.  I know this isn't a current functionality of the collapsing menus as they are, but it would be a nice addition.

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I'm trying to use the library section of "My Nook" on the B&N site, and wanted to recommend that with all teh filters you do have, why not filters for things like "Samples, "Lend me", "Pre-order" and other book tags the site already uses.  As it is, anything that isn't  aperiodical or a textbook is all under the only "book" filter, so finding anything in there is fairly difficult.  Other tags that could/should be used/added (and then filterable) would include Genre, Omnibus/Series Editions (e.g. and, etc. 


Thanks for considering this request. 

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Give the users what they want, not what you want them to buy

Status: New Idea

I had high hopes when I bought my first Nook. Systematically, as the line expanded and I "bought up," those hopes have been dashed.

The absurdities crowd in on themselves. A "tablet" without a Facebook app? I can't put the Chrome browser on an Android-based tablet? I can't side-load applications like my password manager because they represent a "security risk"? Whose security? You claim that users have access to Google Play on the HD but, in fact, we don't have access to the entire store.

People come here and ask for this-and-that and the-other-thing. But really, all people ever needed and need now is for B+N to treat them like customers, instead of like ATMs. I bought the first Nook, then the Nook Color, then the Nook Tablet, then the Nook HD. These products do not evince the design of giving the buyers what they want and need. These products do not evince any evidence that B+N looked to customer satisfation first, profit second. Marketing concerns about tying buyers to the B+N brand, overcame customer service concerns of making the customer want to come back for more. But, you generate profit by satisfying customers. The old saying is, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I'm nuts.

Now, I don't like Amazon, the company, and I don't buy books there. So, I come to B&N, a company I've been patronizing for more than 30 years, well back into brick-and-mortar days. And I find that here, marketing plans are still revolving around rent-seeking and not around offering new, interesting and useful ways for me to enjoy the products I've purchased.

My wife is worried by reports that B+N is dumping the Nook lines, because they're unprofitable. They're unprofitable because the organization worked on making them profitable, instead of working on making them the reader/tablet everybody would want to have. Stop it.

Now, here's my little feature list.

  • Either let me side-load apps, or open up the whole Google Play store. I want every app that I use on my Samsung S3 available for my Nook.
  • Zinio. Some magazines (like The New Scientist) publish the digital edition through Zinio. No Zinio app for my Nook, so I can't read my digital edition of the magazine on it.
  • Facebook. I mean, really.
  • Unlock the "share" function in the reader, so that I can share all books and not just ones I bought at B&N.
  • Be the first e-reader to unlock the "copy" function, so I can copy squibs out of the books when I'm researching. I realize that these absurd DRM rules are mixed up in this. But I buy a lot of DRM-free books (most technical ebooks are now DRM free), and being able to save material would be very useful.
  • Make the research features that are available in Nook Study available in the Nook ereader products. With all the research I do, it would be a huge help if I could copy an important text and get a cite for it at the same time. I had really hoped that ereaders would give me a leg up on the tediousness of typing out passages and formatting cites.
  • Frankly, the product search is horrible. If I search for "Google Maps," I don't want to see a zillion search results of books with the word "map" in the title.

You can look at the history of emerging product lines and see the examples of companies that totaled hosed the line, fixed the problem and established themselves. The Nook has all the basics in place for a solid line of tablets and readers. Somebody just needs to step up, kick the marketing droids out of the conference room, and settle down to the question, "How can we turn our Nook users into raving fans?"

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Tie Magazine Subscriptions back to Publishers

Status: Under Review

Example: Taunton Press publishes Fine Cooking magazine. Fine Cooking has a website with features that are provided to subscribers. HOWEVER, they have no record of my subscription, therefore, I am not treated as a subscriber. When will Barnes and Noble, share the information (after asking of course) to provide them my subscription so I can also have the same features as a regular subscriber? NO OTHER PLATFORM has this issue, but Nook. 

I have been trying to buy cookbooks on my NOOK to save space in my kitchen.  It would make my life so much easier if there was a way for me to tag recipes that I like in a variety of different books and have a "custom book" be generated that included all the pages I tagged.   That would allow me to have one super cookbook.   I am sure there would be other uses for this feature besides recipes.   This would be a great enhancement for a new Nook or for the application,   I would happily pay for a Nook application that included this feature!




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To be able to search and add to shelf

Status: New Idea

It would be so much nicer if I could search for a book and then add it to a shelf instead of having to go through almost a hundred books just to add a book to a shelf.  


It would be nice if the Simple Touch would stop locking up also.

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