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Browser Issues

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Because there are many apps not available for the Nook HD/HD+ we depend on the browser a lot more to access things like Facebook. This needs a little work. I'm on the current release: 2.06.


  • The browser, not infrequently, either freezes or crashes/suddenly closes. When it freezes I have to restart it to get it to be responsive again.
  • There are times where there is a field to fill in and the keyboard covers the field so you can't see what you are typing. There's no way to scroll so you can see or set up the screen ahead of time so the keyboard doesn't cover it. I've run into this on Paypal and Facebook to name a few.
  • It can be very slow and jerky at times.


Those are bugs. Then there are usability issues.


I wish the bookmarks had an option to not show a thumbnail. At first I liked the feature but as my bookmarks grew it became a pain. I'd like ways to sort them too as well as to have folders to categorize bookmarks.


I'd even like a CHOICE of browsers - to be able to use Firefox or Chrome if I wish.

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I manually updated my NST to version 1.2.1 last night. This afternoon I bought 3 books, 2 pre-orders and 1 allready released. When I tried to download the released book it said "connecting" and stayed there. Since I have never seen "connecting" before I thought it had to be the update. When I came to the boards to see if anyone else was having trouble with the update I saw one person had suggested doing a factory reset. I have done so THREE times now and it still says version 1.2.1! Only now I can't read ANY of my books as they ALL say "connecting"! Since I read almost a book a day this is very upsetting. I am very disappoited with B&N right now.

Categories: NOOK Issue Reporting
Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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