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(Hope this is not a duplicate -- I spent 15-20 minutes entering text using the HD+ but it seems to have gotten lost when using the [post] button)


The 2.0.6 HD/+ update activated the widget capability and supplied a set of stock widgets.


The only one that caught my interest is the one that displays a summary of the calendar.


Unfortunately, the Calendar application itself is still unusable in stand-alone mode. Not everyone has access to a corporate Exchange Server account or the equivalent!


Please consider updating the Calendar application so that it can be used as a personal appointment/schedule book without needing to be linked to some third-party server application. Even my decade old WinCE PDA has a stand-alone calendar capability!


Alternatively, B&N should provide a compatible calendar server, linked to one's B&N Nook account credentials, as a free feature to go along with the stock calendar application. It might even be possible to use the Friends list for purposes of sharing schedules with others.


Note that I do not ask that the Nook be capable of synchronizing with a (non-Exchange) desktop Outlook (calendar and contacts) though that would be nice... The cross platform design just seems more than one could expect (unless M$ themselves provide the synchronization utility).


I only ask that the calendar application itself be made to run in stand-alone mode for those of us without an external server in the loop.

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