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When an app updates, the shortcut disappears from my HD+ home screen and has to be manually reinstated.  

This does not happen with my android phone - following updates the shortcuts still remain intact.

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When opening Google Voice on the Nook HD+, it starts to load the inbox and then crashes immediately. It does this with complete regularity. This is not an isolated issue:

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Note text in bold


You are now connected with Maan from

Susan: I ordered this magazine under your $5 off sale on Wednesday June 11. When the price came up as 7.99 I could not delete the order. I spoke to your representative by telephone and she deleted the order and the charge. The order and charge are still in my account.      

Susan: Can you help me please?

Susan: Your email to me about that magazine sale was misleading

Susan: Are you there?


Maan: Thank you for joining Barnes & Noble Digital Chat.

This is Maan.

We appreciate your waiting online.

I understand you have issues with accessing your subscription.

I’d be more than happy to give you an excellent customer service today!

Maan: Hi, Susan!

Maan: First off, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Let me help you with this.

Maan: Can you please give me a moment while I check this one for you, is that okay?

Susan: Thank you very much.

Susan: Are you still there?

Susan: hello are you still there?


Maan: Thank you for waiting. Sorry for the long wait. Upon checking, there is no price change that took place on the said magazine and there is no refund processed from our end. It is possible a system glitch because it was indicated by previous agent that the order has been cancelled from his end and not credited.

Susan: What do you mean? Am I still charged for a magazine that I did not want?

Maan: That is correct.

The chat session has timed out and is now closed.


You are now connected with Randy from

Susan: I was disconnected by your representative MAAN because he did not want to deal with my account problem. I will attach the transcript from my chat with him so you can see what the issue is.

Randy: Thank you for joining Barnes and Noble Chat. My name is Randy. I’ll be assisting you today.

Randy: I understand you were disconnected while being connected to Digital Support. We apologize for the inconvenience. May I reconnect you to our Digital Support Department?

Susan: I will just get connected again.

Susan: disconnected

Susan: Are you going to assist me or should I call in?>

Randy: As much as we’d like to help you with your concern, our Digital Support Department handles these issues and will be able to assist you further. Would you like me to connect you to them now?

Susan: yes please but do not disconnect me please

Randy: I'll transfer you to them now, and one of our Digital Support Representatives will be joining you shortly.

The chat session has timed out and is now closed.


At this point I am convinced that Barnes and Noble does not care abbout it's customers as long as they get our money somehow, no matter what they say on phone and online chat.

Am I wrong?  


I have an HD,  a new Glowlight, and I am so angry right now that I feel like sending them both  back under the warranty plan, and then buy someone else's e-readers.

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I own several Nooks, and I also run the Nook Windows app on my Windows 8 tablet device.    I flew out of town last weekend and was reading a newly purchased book on my Windows tablet on the flight.   I tried to go back to continue reading that book a couple days later and it was no longer in my library.  It was then that I noticed a number of other newly purchased books were missing.    I tried synching my library but after the synch it returns the message "New Items: 0".    The books all show up in my library online on

Unfortunately I'm still out of town and my other Nook devices are at home, so I can not test the synch on those devices at this time.


I am on the latest version of the Nook Windows app.


Any ideas?  (and no, dumping my Windows tablet is not a worthwhile suggestion, just saying in advance)

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Cannot update Adobe Air to a current version (slight security issue)


Have to load both the google play facebook apps and keep the original nook facebook on the HD+

Cannot update Google Play Music to the Play store version of the app, which allows chromecasting

Also cannot update the nook native twitter to the current Play store version of twitter...


Most other apps will allow you to install *both* versions* or one version (google play) will let you install over certain Nook apps... (facebook and many of the google native apps will let you overinstall)


Ideally i think the nook needs to be refreshed up to a current gen of Android esp with 4.4 allowing performance improvements for lower spec devices.. theres still quite a few glitches in 2.1.1 with menu appearances, touch sensitivity, sync issues,  even after a full factory restore... Also the nook doesnt seem to know how to make icons dissapear that use a registration app.... even with a reboot.. (I.E if you buy certain apps, they are used to verify registration payment and their icons are supposed to vanish from the screen on reboot.. they dont)





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When will App2SD be supported?

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Since the update that gave us Google Play access (2.06, I think), my son's Nook HD has filled up with apps because we are unable to leverage the SD card to offload apps from primary memory. What is the timeline to provide support for App2SD? I see little sense in having an SD card slot if it can only be used for personal music and other files.


I even went to my local B&N store where the Nook person called Nook Support directly while I stood nearby. It was confirmed that there was no way to do this today - either via app or native software coding, but this phone tech had no idea if an update to permit this was in the pipeline. However, they did note that this was something that was being asked about since Google Play came into the fold.


Related to this, you guys need to do a better job of making your timelines for software changes known - especially since B&N has decided to stop future Nook hardware updates. If you want us to use your ecosystem, you need to be more transparent in a public manner instead of digging through comments here in these forums.

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Twitter updates

Status: Open

Whenever updating twitter from to the most recent version via the play store, the update will uninstall after turning on the wifi later and the library syncs.  With the nook version of twitter this is less noticeable since the twitter app version is 4.1.7 and not 4.1.8.  Please fix.

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Missing book

Status: Open

I have the Nook app on my android phone and a Nook HD. Recently I noticed that a favorite book of mine had disappeared off my phone app. It still shows up on my Nook HD. It is also missing from my library on the website. I did not delete it. Again it is a favorite of mine. I bought is a few years ago and would rather not have to buy it again, especially since the price of that book has doubled. It would not be a big deal but I don't carry my Nook all the time. I am afraid it is going to disappear off my Nook too.:smileysad:  I have deleted the Nook app and reloaded it, with no change. I have synced with no change. They are charging $16.99 now for this book and I originally paid $7-8. Because I purchased it so long ago I can't even find a record of the purchase.


I have sent an email to B&N but no response yet.

Any ideas?

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I am requesting (politely & nicely) someone from the Barnes & Noble support team to address this problem and let us know what the heck is going on with us not getting a magazine download?


What happened to the Sept 9th issue of BusinessWeek? 


No one from Barnes & Noble or BusinessWeek has made any kind of comment as to why we did not get that issue.


Do we need to start cancelling our subscriptions....???

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Twitter keep disappearing from HD+ after 2.1 update

Status: Open

I have been unable to successfully use Twitter since the 2.1 update.  The app keeps disappearing.  I cannot find it to uninstall.  However, Google Play keeps wanting to update it.  When it is updated, it will appear and function for about 24 hours.  Then it is gone again, even if I don't turn off my HD+.  This is very annoying.  I finally get a Twitter app that I can change the font size, then it will not continue to work.

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Nook HD+ Music Player

Status: Open

Google music play stopped working after I updated the new version from the "Play Store".

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NOOK hd+ bn app update and rotation

Status: Confirmed

If in landscape mode and you try to manually do a bn app update the buttons to close the dialog box are cut off esp if no updates are available 

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Twitter keeps redownloading in 2.1 update

Status: Open
The built in twitter app keeps redownloading itself daily on hd + even after reboot and redownload from cloud.
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If an application is disabled in Settings, it automatically re-enables itself and can't be disabled permanently.  For example, if you disable Google Talk in order not to get spam chat requests, it will turn itself back on.

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While I'm overall quite pleased with the 2.1 update so fat, thre are a couple of issues I've run into.

First, the method for taking a screen shot - holding the n button and pressing volume down no longer works. I'd much rather have that functionality restored than have to resort to a 3rd party app.


Second, on my Nook Color, I had purchased QuickOffice Pro, but lost access to that app when moving to the Nook HD. After the 2.1 update, The Play store lists Quick Office Pro as compatible with the Nook HD.

What I want to know is why hasn't this app been approved by B&N for use on the Nook HD? I do not intend to buy the same application twice, especially when the same app is 3 times the price on the Play store.


Lastly, and this may be more of an issue you need to work with Google on, is that the icons for apps in the Play store are for the most part, noticeably lower resolution than the native nook app icons. The look blurry by comparison. It's a minor annoyance, but it detracts from the nice sharp dispay of the HD. I can only imagine it looks even worse on the HD+.


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DRP Reader, Vanishing/Failed Update Apps, and black bar.

Status: Open

DRP Reader: 

Whenever I try and open .cbz files, I get a pop up saying DRP Reader Failed.


Vanishing Apps:

Twitter vanishes every day and I have to reinstall it at least once a day.


Failed Update:

Nook prompts me to update an app from the nook version to google play, but then says the app is already installed when it tries to update it. This happens with Office Suite Lite.


Black Bar:

The wallpaper no longer fills up the entire screen on the lock screen. Instead, there is a black bar on the bottom.

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When I click on the Netflix button, the red loading screen comes on for a few seconds and then the screen turns grey. Have tried to reboot many times, and other apps like crackle work just fine. Been going on for a little over a week now. Any thoughts? Thanks.



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I downloaded Evernote app from Nook store. There is now an update available. When I download the update it won't run because Nook won't install app that doesn't come from it's store - even though Evernote did. If I send the app to the Cloud and reinstall I get the old version. If I delete the app and go to repurchase it, the store won't allow me to as it says I've already got the app. How am I supposed to update it?
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Security Issues!

Status: Open

For the past week I have been dealing with a major issue regarding Nook's password security.


I changed my password on Barnes and Noble's website due to a possible email hack. After changing the password, I expected to enter it in to my nook, the nook app and the B&N app. That was not the case. I was able to download and purchase books through my Simple Touch, without being prompted for my new password. I was not asked to add my new password to the apps and they downloaded books as well. I rebooted the device and apps and they still did not require the new, updated password. They recognized the email address and that I had used the app before and functioned normally. This means that any device that may know my email address can upload or purchase books without requiring a password.


I have called several times this week only get the run around. I changed passwords (again) on the phone and they all told me that they can see books downloading, regardless of the new passwords. I was told there is nothing they can do and that someone should be working on it.

I ended up talking to three different managers throughout the week and all of them said I would get a call back in 24-48 hours... Each time, after three days of waiting, I ended up having to call back. In the meantime, my account is open to people that may know my email.


If you use the apps or have a Nook, I suggest you make sure this isn't happening to you too.

Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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