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I have a few comics that once sideloaded and I try to open them, the screen goes black and I find myself

where I was before I tried to open them. I have done a fair amount of experiementation and the closest I can get to a core issue is if the comic has a double-page spread (2 pages in a single jpg file) with double the

resolution of a single page.


The last comic I tried to open that failed had 1600 (horizontal resolution) single pages and 3200 double

page spread. When I removed the double-page spread the comic opened fine.


Now - having a double-page spread is not exactly a new idea with comics so I would "encourage" B&N to

take a look at this issue. And having the double-page interpreted as a single page and displayed as

such would no doubt make it unreadable. No easy solution probably.

Categories: comics, double-page spread, HD+
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