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Nook Simple Touch- Connecting to Internet; Will Not Download

Hi All,

I am currently experiencing a problem where my Nook Simple Touch is connecting to the internet but will not download books to my library. I only get a connecting message; there is no status bar over the cover art though. I "chatted" with a staff member online earlier and we went through the process- restarting, shutting off WiFi, and even wiping the device. The person I was "chatting" with suggested that the store was experiencing a problem and that within 24 hours I would be able to download my purchases, but I'm still concerned.


Is this happening to anyone else?

Any suggestions about what to do?



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I'm having a similiar problem with my Nook Color.  I purchased some books this afternoon and they still won't download.  I don't get an error message either.  I have the same issue (I only get a connecting message; there is no status bar over the cover art though).  I did everything you did as well and it didn't work.  I'm out of other ideas, guess I'll just have to wait a while.

by on ‎03-01-2013 11:11 PM
Yeah I think there's an issue with the servers. I tested it out with the free friday book on my NSTG (which means three generations of Nook have now been tested by different people).

I'm connected to wifi with a connection clearly strong enough as the promos for the daily find, books based off the last one I purchased, and the Free Friday book all load up quickly. The buy now button will cycle through from 'free' to 'confirm' to 'downloading' but never downloads.

And with that go my hopes that tomorrow will be a relaxed day at work. I can see the line of angry Nook owners now. Sigh. Hopefully this is fixed before I start work tomorrow.
by on ‎03-01-2013 11:41 PM
A temporary work around is to use the Nook app for your computer to download the books (this works just tested it) and load them on to your Nook.

by Tim40744 on ‎03-02-2013 03:01 AM
Mercury, I've downloaded three different books using a Nook droid app with no problems. Perhaps the server issue has been corrected...hopefully.
by beckie66 on ‎03-02-2013 11:36 AM
I have a N1E and I keep getting the 'Network Unavailable' error, too, when I try to purchase via Nook or download new content purchased via PC. My Wi-Fi works fine.