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Frozen Start Up screen

Haven't used my Nook Simple Touch in a few weeks and when I took it out today I noticed it was stuck on the start up screen. It states  "Read Forever" and then underneath "Your NOOK is starting up..."

I have charged it (by PC and in the wall) and have tried the hold the back button for 30 seconds, let it go for 10, and then hold it for 10 again. I have tried holding down the power button and n buttons at the same time and varied how long I did each.

The most I am getting is a flicker like something is going to happen but then it goes right back to the start up screen. When I connect it to my PC, it appears like it's turning on and off. It makes the connect/disconnect noise whether it's being moved/touched or not. I also cannot pull up any info or options in my computer.

It's making me quite sad. Anyone have any other ideas?

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