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Nook Problems. Please Help.

I have a 1st Ed. Nook and I've had it for quite awhile now without any difficulties in using it. Today, I decided to try and download a eBook after reading the second book in a series in a physical copy. I went to the store, and tried to download the book. Everything was normal and then an error screen showed up about three seconds after the processing your purchase screen. It showed a phone number, and I called it. After being on hold for fifteen minutes, I explained the situation and the lady told me to check my credit card even after I reassured her that my credit card was not expired. She repeted the message and told me to have a good evening. I checked my credit card. It is valid. Called the costumer service number back, and they are closed. I tried setting up a different credit card and it did not work. When I tried to access the internet on my nook, it didn't work either. It kept closing before the screen would even load. I tried "check for new B&N content" in my library and Nada. I have no clue why it's acting like this. I'm on finals schedual starting tomorrow which means I will have TWO hours in a class full of teenagers with nothing to read if this problem is not resolved. Please help.

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