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Nook Color Battery Issue

First of all I want to make it very clear that I've read every post on here regarding this issue and still have yet to resolve the problem.


I never use WiFi, so it's never on.

I don't have the e-mail set-up so it's not attempting to 'get new email' every 5-10 minutes and my WiFi isn't on either.

I haven't downloaded/ran any apps, etc.


The problem is this - before the 1.4.2 update that I manually did the Nook would work the 8 hours reading like it is supposed to, but after the update the battery just drains and drains.


My screen brightness is all the way down and my sound is muted, no programs running and I'm just reading a book. 


I can charge the Nook to 100% and unplug it and read for a while. When I'm done I normally put it into sleep mode which, before the update, never gave me any problems. It used to be at like 95% from reading and put it to sleep and when I come back like 7 hours later it MIGHT be down to 94% or still at 95% but now when I put it down at 95% and come back x amount of time later the Nook is shut off and completely powered down/low battery and I have to recharge it in order to use it again.


Does ANYONE know what the fix is/cause? I don't know if my warranty is still valid and I've replaced this thing twice already for other reasons.


And like I said, nothing is running in the background.. the brightness is down.. no WiFi.. no e-mail.. and I haven't noticed it turning on by itself as I've had it in 'sleep' and sitting next to me for hours while this happens and it never turns itself on to drain the battery, but when I wake it back up it'll be almost dead or dead.

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