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Re: Nook for Mac not working...

Putting the app in a folder in the Applications folder, plus using the right click Back and right click Forward worked for me.


BUT COME ON BARNES AND NOBLE...if you want to stay alive in the ebook reader marketplace you can't let a silly little bug like this go unfixed for months and months.


I am a very loyal customer, have about 4 Nook readers. I love the readers but sometimes I only have a laoptop with me and want to read my books. To make me jump though all these hurdles just to get a Mac reader to work is downright rediculous. I am also an app developer (iBird Guide to Birds of North America) and I know how hard it is to keep all these apps up to date but I am one guy with a tiny staff and you are a several hundred million dollar corporations so please DEAL WITH THIS.



Who Me Too'd this solution