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I am an educated technical person.  I have had my nook first edition since the day they were available.  I have been purchasing books for my nook since then.  Tonight I wanted to buy my new reader a couple of books.  I went to the kids books section on B&N.  She picked out 2 books.  Now I looked very carefully to make sure they weren't for nook color.  There was nothing on the page that said anything about Nook color.  But...  they are only for nook color.  Of course I didn't know that until after I paid for them.   I called B&N and they told me that there is a tiny little question mark that you can click on to find that out.  so on the far right of the page I see: " Available on NOOK devices and apps"  then to the right of that was the question mark.  Why would I question that statement?  Why would this information be hidden?  yes I am getting a refund, but I don't understand why this is not stated clearly.  I am a software developer.  the code to put the ? with the message box - is more work than "Not compatible for Nook first Edition"



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