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Kudos to Customer Service
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When something is wrong we often hear the complaints loud and clear.  I resemble that remark.  But I also like to give compliments when someone does a good job. I had two $20 gift cards on my account.  Yesterday I bought 5 apps. Somehow both  my cards got deducted for the purchases.


I called customer service first thing this morning.  Initially was only on hold a couple of minutes and the sales service lady sent me to the sales audit dept. where I was on hold about 8 minutes and then got disconnected somehow.


I called back and Nicole (sales service) and Alex (sales audit) had me all fixed up in about 5 minutes and 1 minute of that was holding for the audit dept.  By the time I hung up with Alex and checked my gift card balances I had my $8.66 back.  I know it is not a whole lot of money but to me it is and of course it is MY money.


Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you Barnes and Noble.


By the way I did order these from the Nook so I hope that didn't cause the problem.  I clicked on the notification about new apps and ordered them from there.  Hmm wonder if that had something to do with it?

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