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B&N site book categories are pants

This is the only forum that seemed appropriate. I just wanted to moan about B&N's pretty useless book categorie options. I would like to look at music related books, try finding 'Music' or 'Movies & TV'. They are listed under Teens & Kids but go there and yes, all you get are kids books. B&N's Non Fiction categories include NO entertainment related categories so unless you are looking a for a specific book, you're screwed. Whoever designed their 'wonderful' site was obviously not from planet Earth.


I have a Nook Tablet, I love it but I buy all my e-books on Amazon, remove the DRM and then, via Calibre, convert them to ePub and send them to my Nook. It's a pain but I much prefer buying books from Amazon than from B&N, there is just no comparison.


Rant over. :smileyhappy:

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