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Try doing THIS with a Kindle!

I got my Nook HD+ the day they came out.  I've been delighted with it, but recetnly, it started getting hot if it was on for any length of time. Today, I took it to one of the two local B&N stores.  I'd actually bought it at the other, but that was not an issue to them.  I'd run it for about an hour before I went to the store so they could see the problem.  They said they'd never seen that before, that it definitely should not happen, so let's just swap it out for a brand new Nook.  And they did.  Just like that.


 I wish the original Nook hadn't failed because A) setting everything up again is a pain; B) I had a perfectly applied non-glare screen on the old one,  and B) until the battery started overheating, I had not problems with it--one always worries if the replacement will be as good. But it happens.  That's what warranties are for, and theystood behind their warranty.  I am sure that some Kindles fail too--and what do Kindle owners do in that event?  Not walk into a store, show it to them and walk out with a brand new device. 

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