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UNsutiable for children-NOOK eReader

I am a mom of four children and recently allowed my oldest daughter to purchase a NOOK with money that she saved from her birthday.  She turned 9 years old.  She purchased the simple touch NOOK in January after her birthday.  I did not want her to have access to the internet and did not want her to use it for gaming, etc so we were very happy with this compromise.  She is an avid reader and this was great for her to carry around to school, games, and car trips.  We were so pleased that my son just last week decided that this is what he wanted for his birthday present as well.  He turned 8.  

We purchased to NOOK for him and I downloaded the NOOK books that we had bought for my daughter onto his and thought we were ready to go.  When I checked the home page to make sure he was set to bring it to school the next day to read, I was completely flabbergasted at the “WHAT TO READ next” advertisement at the bottom of the page.  It was, and still is currently, COMPLETELY inappropriate for children of any age, much less an 8 and 9 year old.  With titles such as “Lover at Last” and “Resisting Her,” including full straddling of a couple all but completely naked,  I was, and still am, completely shocked that this is what your company deems appropriate for children.  

I called NOOK support and was told that there was nothing they could do to take it off, that it was indeed an advertisement.  She then agreed with me that is was in fact inappropriate for children.  I went to our local book store and returned my son’s NOOK as we had just purchased it.  I called customer service and after much haggling and speaking to the representative’s supervisor and him speaking to his supervisor, got the five books I had purchased refunded as well.  I am satisfied with the customer service that I have received overall, but I would like to know what you will do for my daughter’s NOOK refund.  It was her birthday money and I think your company owes it back to her.  

 I have sadly lost trust in your company to monitor the content that is sent out to the eREADERS and am very ashamed of you all for this.  I do understand that there are much more expensive versions that have more parental controls, but this was money my child had saved to go towards this purchase.  Just because, along with the vast majority of the population, the simple touch NOOK was the only one in her budget that I would allow her to buy, does not give the company the right to disregard any moral and ethical obligations to their customers.  This world has too many sad and tragic things happening, to expose your younger clientele to images and books that are R rated is a sad commentary on how your company is trying to situate itself in our world.  I have attached the image at the bottom of my children’s screen.  If this was on TV, a DVD, or a video game it would have a rating, whereas you all just put it out there through your advertising apparently without a second thought.

So I would like you to please give it a second thought.


Amanda Mendieta

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