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Nook Color Constantly Freezes + Other Problems

Okay, I have had my Nook Color since 12/25/2011, and now my Nook Color is having constant freezing problems.

1. The Nook Color constantly freezes whenever I try to do anything on it, and most of the time I have to restart.

2. The Nook Color Web Browser will freeze completely after a view a couple of web pages, sometimes even when I am typing. Whenever this happens, I have to restart.

3. Whenever I try to click on a book or any app except the music app, it will not load and freeze. I will have to restart when this happens.

4. The music app works until I start listening to something. It will start, but then the app will go to black while the music is playing. I cannot change songs or change the volume. I will have to restart once this happens.


These problems first started two weeks ago, but after a day, they all stopped once I left it off for 24 hours. Then last Thursday it started again, and I left it off for 24 hours, but it is still happening. I don't know what to do with this Nook Color now.

Is there anything that can be done for it?

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