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I HAVE to get a kindle...(which i'm not happy about)

why? because lately every author that i go to buy books for my nook only sells their ebooks on Amazon. this is very disconcerting as i live in South America and i don't have access to paper books. Amazon seems to be "monopolizing" ebooks.  i even wrote to one author about this who in part said: "Amazon controls the majority of the market and provides important incentives to authors to enter their Select (exclusive) program, including free promotion, reduced cost and premium placement which makes it difficult not to utilize for indie authors."


This just doesn't seem right to me. ALL books should be available on ALL book seller sites. But maybe i am living in dreamland.  In conclusion Amazon is winning as now I am placing an order for a Kindle.


Just wanted to vent and see if anyone else on these forums is seeing what I am seeing.  Thanks.



is there another site besides

bn and kobo that i can use to shop

for books?

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