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Welcome to Lost Books!
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Hello and welcome to the newest board in the Barnes& Book Clubs – Lost Books!

One of the most common requests we get from users here at the Book Clubs is assistance in finding a book that they read long ago, and can't remember the name or author of but know the plot details and need some help being reunited with an old favorite.  We also get quite a few requests for recommendations of new books based on one's favorites.


As a response to this, we've created this board as a home for these kinds of questions.


This is the place to come for help finding a book, or to help others find the books they’re looking for. It’s a good place to get answers on your quest for a long forgotten favorite, or find some great titles that are new to you, or to show off your literary knowledge and help out your fellow readers. Here’s how it works:

If there’s a book you’re looking for – or if you want a recommendation – simply start a thread and describe as best you can what it is that you are looking for. When people respond to you, you’ll see a special button in each of their posts:

Once someone has correctly answered the question asked in a particular thread, that thread then becomes “Answered”. This means anyone reading it will now see a new button in the first post of the thread:

This button represents the fact that the question has been answered. In order to “jump” to the answer, click on that button and you’ll be taken to the post with the correct answer in it. That post will also be marked with a special button: Clicking on this button will take you back to the original question.

That’s all there is to it! We hope you enjoy this new board, that you find that book you've been looking for, and pick up some great new recommendations on the way! And if you are especially helpful and help a lot of people answer their questions, you might just end up with a special gift from the Book Clubs team!

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Looking for a particular book, but can't remember the title or author? Ask about it here!
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