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Suggestion: Book+eBook Combos

A feature I would really like to see would be the addition of book+eBook purchase combos in the store. This would be a great feature for educational books, textbooks, etc in particular. To give an example: textbooks are often large and heavy to lug around, but having them in their bulky physical form is often a necessity of the beast as well. If it were possible to have a quick reference version on my Nook at all times if I wanted a quick refresher on a topic or to look something up that would be great.

There is also that subset of people who are collectors of items in their physical form, but enjoy the portability of electronic forms.


I would hope that such combos would be heavily discounted from purchasing the items individually as you are essentially purchasing the same text twice. You could purchase the latest best-seller in its physical form and then, for possibly a $5 surcharge, also get the eBook version for your Nook. If nothing else, it could give you an instant-access head-start to whatever online purchase you just made.


A perfect example of this is how Amazon is now doing something nearly identical with many of their movies. If you purchase a DVD of many movies you gain instant access to it via their Video on Demand service (for free) as well.

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