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Book Clubs User Guidelines
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Welcome to the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs, where readers and writers meet to discuss the books and ideas that touch their hearts and minds. The Book Clubs are offered for the free use and enjoyment of Barnes & customers, and are subject to the following User Guidelines, Barnes & Terms of Use, the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs Terms of Use, and the Barnes & Privacy Policy, all of which are incorporated herein by reference. These User Guidelines, as well as the Barnes & Terms of Use, the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs Terms of Use and the Barnes & Privacy Policy, may be changed at any time, so please check them frequently.

The following common sense rules should guide your participation in these discussions.

Be respectful. The Book Clubs involve participants with a wide range of beliefs and ideas about the subjects they’re discussing. We encourage an open dialogue, but require that participants remain civil, courteous and respectful at all times. Please avoid any language that is abusive, intimidating, discriminatory, or otherwise objectionable. This also includes having a tone that is consistently critical, derogatory, insolent or otherwise negative. We reserve the right to edit or remove any post that violates these guidelines, and we further reserve the right to limit or suspend the access of any participant who violates these rules.

Netiquette. When posting messages, please remember that the people who read them sometimes can’t tell what you meant to say or how you intended to say it. Avoid “screaming” your thoughts in ALL CAPITAL letters. And remember that your comments will be read by people who may not know you. If you think your comments could be misinterpreted, they probably will be. If you think someone has misunderstood you, or has challenged your position, address it calmly in a non-threatening manner. Your moderator will be able to help, but it’s always best for the participants to work it out.

Additionally, while we do not set formal limits on how much you can post, voluminous posting –- whether in terms of number of posts or their length -- can choke out other conversation. There's room here for many points of view, so don't feel like you need to have the last word.

Author involvement. The authors who join our discussions are gracious with their time and enthusiasm, and are eager to hear your thoughts and questions. But they are not obligated to answer every question or respond to every post. Please be respectful of their time and their writing.

Privacy. The Book Clubs are a public forum widely accessible on the Internet. Please do not post any confidential or potentially embarrassing information about yourself of anyone else. This includes your real name, email address, phone number, and any information you do not want other people to see. Posting someone else's confidential information will result in the termination of your access to these services.

As a registered user of this service, you have complete control over what content you include in your Profile, and who gets to see it. Please familiarize yourself with these controls, located in the “My Profile” area.

No solicitation. Please do not use these forums to submit or publish any marketing communication, or to advertise or solicit for any business or enterprise. Such postings will be removed, and will result in the suspension of your access to these services. Direct links to other commercial websites are, in the main, inappropriate for our Book Club conversations.

Private Messages. As a registered user of the Book Clubs, you have access to our Private Messenger tool, which allows you to communicate with other users outside of the public message boards. Use this feature for those conversations that are not appropriate for others to see. Adding other users to your Friends List will make it easier to communicate with them. Adding users to your Ignore List will prevent their Private Messages from getting to you. Please note: Private Messages are subject to the same Terms of Use as the public message boards.

If you see something inappropriate. The best monitoring of a community is frequently done by the participants themselves. If you see any offensive, abusive or otherwise inappropriate postings, please click on the “Report Abuse to a Moderator” link that is attached to the message. Barnes & will not discuss one user’s actions or account with any other user. That means we won’t tell the user who filed the report, but it also means we cannot tell you what action we’ve taken.

If your access is suspended. Violation of these User Guidelines or the other terms could result in the suspension or termination of your access to these services. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to sign in, but will instead receive a message indicating your account status.

Copyright and Intellectual Property rights. Participants in the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs retain full ownership of the original material they create and post in these forums. By participating in the Book Clubs, you give Barnes & the perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free right and license to use this content in this service or in the marketing of this service. Participants do not have the right to copy or redistribute the content of this service outside of the message boards. More details are available in the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs Terms of Use.

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