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Webserviceexception: INVALID_EAN

I'm trying to download the 5th book in a series to read and get the error message:

webserviceexception: Invalid_ean..


I've emailed customer support twice in the past month and get their very nice generic pre-set response but no help. I'm at a dead end. I can't order my book and don't want to jump to the next book. I love my Nook but beginning to have second thoughts about service and dependability. DId I choose wisely? Any ideas on what I can do to get this situation remedied?


Just FYI - The book is Assassins by Tim LaHaye and is the 5th book in the Left Behind series.

I started reading them years ago in hardback but the delay in coming out caused me to stop. I thought this was the perfect thing for finishing the whole series and I gladly pay $ 9.99 per book to get them as I need them - until now...... HELP!!!

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