Not sure why, but today is the first time ex-CIA operative, former technology and start-up attorney, and best-selling author Barry Eisler has come clearly into my line of sight.  Both his background and his books are quite interesting, as his approach to publishing (e.g., read "Barry Eisler Explains Self-Publishing Decision" (March 24, 2011) - The Daily Beast)If interested, you can read more about him and his works at BARRY EISLER: The Official Website, Goodreads Author: Barry Eisler, and Barry Eisler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHis interviews are linked at BARRY EISLER: The Official Website - INTERVIEWS.


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Be the Monkey

The same book is:


Sure, the advent of digital books is the most significant development in publishing since Gutenberg. But what does digital mean really, for agents, publishers, and most of all, for authors? What will the industry look like tomorrow, and what should authors be doing to properly position themselves today?
  Examining the history and mechanics of the publishing industry as it exists today, the way the digital revolution reflects recent events in Egypt and the Maghreb, and a completely inappropriate YouTube video featuring a randy monkey and an unlucky frog, bestselling authors (and friends) J.A. Konrath and Barry Eisler show in this 35,000 word online discussion that digital isn't just the future, it's right now.
  Konrath, a pioneer in self-publishing, is now making over a half-million dollars a year through his self-published books, and Eisler just turned down a half-million dollar deal from one of the Big 6 NYC publishers to self-publish his latest novel. To find out why and what it all means for you, read on.


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