In response to the poll: Do you read comics and/or graphic novels on your ereading device? I posted the following short answer:

Yes. [...] I collect digital comics and (some) digital graphic novels, though my personal interest in reading such content focuses on works produced or commissioned as government propaganda, promotional tools, or public service announcements.

Read the Zombie novella, for an accessible version, click the link below this image.

The longer answer is:


As a kid, I read the comic strips in the daily newspaper and the Sunday "funny papers". I wasn't "into" comics enough to buy comic books and only read them when visiting my maternal grandmother (who had a fabulous stash of classics) or my cousins in New Jersey (who were comic book aficionados).


These days, I collect digital comics but am personally interested in the ways many entities produce or commission comics designed as government propaganda, promotional tools, or public service announcements. Here are some examples:


...Comics produced or commissioned by government agencies, as described at Wikipedia: Government comics:

The United States government and affiliated bodies occasionally print and publish works using the comic medium. These works fulfill a wide variety of purposes often seen in government publications, primarily educating the public about government programs or lifestyle choices the government wants to encourage.[1] Richard L. Graham examines and dissects these government comics in Government Issue: Comics for the People, 1940s-2000s.[2]

Said comics (and some others published by other governments, elsewhere) can be found at the following sites and at sites they link to:


...Promotional comics for AMC-TV series:

  • Better Call Saul: Client Development Comic (released February 4, 2015)
  • TURИ (Washington's Spies): Origins (released March 26, 2014), which portrays childhood and adulthood events from the lives of several of the series' main characters including Abraham Woodhull, Benjamin Tallmadge, Anna Strong, and Caleb Brewster, and was illustrated by award- winning illustrator Steve Ellis
  • TURИ (Washington's Spies): Rivals (released April 10, 2015), promotes season 2 of the show
  • The Walking Dead #1 (print release date October 8, 2003, digital release date July 13, 2009), by Robert Kirkman


...Comics and graphic novels used as public service announcements: