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Please can anybody help me find the title and/or author of a 'could almost have happened' type of thriller published in the 1980s, from the following points about the plot ?   In the 1970s - 80s Britain is becoming a lawless place, increasingly dangerous to live there, no national pride nor patriotism, and after several serious crises the then… (Show more)
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I ordered a text book for my class. I paid for it and opened it once. Now I am not able to find it. I need my book for my class. I have Windows 10. Where can I find it ASAP
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Hello Everyone! There's this book that I've been trying to find and I do not remember the title or the author. I read the introduction on twitter and it was so intense. if someone thinks they know the name of the book, please let me know! I've googled it and I could never find it. So here is what I remember: There's sick people (in a town or in… (Show more)
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Hi everyone!   I am really hoping someone can help find the title of a book I have been looking for. About five or six years ago I read a great book and I cannot remember the title of it. The book starts off with a man who is always working and super busy, never has time for anyone or his wife. On his way home from a party he gets into a car… (Show more)
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The first book begins with 3 young women who decide to list three names of well-known rogues for a blind pick.  Each woman has to seek out the particular rogue, make them fall for her and when that happens denounce him.  A sort of turn about is fair play theme.  One of the rogues is a nobleman whose hedonistic life-style ceases when his mother… (Show more)
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I am looking for two separate books that I read years ago and I can't remember the author, titles, or even enough of the subject matter to find it. The heroines of each book are sisters, the first book on the younger sister and they are both contemporary romance books.   First book: The younger sister is in love with an older man (I think it's a… (Show more)
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The King's mistress is abducted by a jealous nobleman who sends her blindfolded up/down the river to London. She is taken in by an elderly man and women but is later sold into prostitution by their gambling son who hopes to pay off his debt. The young girl (King's Mistress) is saved from the brothel's hired henchmen and hidden by a Lion Keeper… (Show more)
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Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me, I am looking for a series of books from about 20-25 years ago (at least that is when I recieved and read them.) I think it was a 4 book series and centered around a boy coming of age, and gaining access to powers. It was steeped in welsh mythology, had to do with immortals and stepping outside of… (Show more)
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