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I have been looking for this book that I read when I was in elementary school. I have been searching for about 10 years now, and I have very little faith on ever finding it because as the years go on, I remember less and less and my description has become extremely vague. I am hoping someone on here has a better memory than I do, and can point me… (Show more)
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Please can anybody help me find the title and/or author of a 'could almost have happened' type of thriller published in the 1980s, from the following points about the plot ?   In the 1970s - 80s Britain is becoming a lawless place, increasingly dangerous to live there, no national pride nor patriotism, and after several serious crises the then… (Show more)
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I ordered a text book for my class. I paid for it and opened it once. Now I am not able to find it. I need my book for my class. I have Windows 10. Where can I find it ASAP
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Hello Everyone! There's this book that I've been trying to find and I do not remember the title or the author. I read the introduction on twitter and it was so intense. if someone thinks they know the name of the book, please let me know! I've googled it and I could never find it. So here is what I remember: There's sick people (in a town or in… (Show more)
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Hi everyone!   I am really hoping someone can help find the title of a book I have been looking for. About five or six years ago I read a great book and I cannot remember the title of it. The book starts off with a man who is always working and super busy, never has time for anyone or his wife. On his way home from a party he gets into a car… (Show more)
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