Welcome to NOOK Community 2.0

Version 1

    Hi, NOOK Community members and guests! Today, October 9th officially marks a bigger and better NOOK Community . Welcome to NOOK Community 2.0!


    We've made some changes in the Community to make it more wonderful for you. Due to the high complexity of customization, we weren't able to capture discussions that were posted from 10/8 - 10/9. Our deep apologies for that. We encourage you to post them again, so our Community Manager and fellow members can help answer your questions.


    With the revamped NOOK Community, things just got even better. Here's what you need to know:


    1. Search just got so much better. Looking for discussions, people, boards, documents, etc.? Our search bar is now more powerful as it gives you a variety of search results in one go. Try it out!
    2. Posting made easy. Whether you're at the homepage or anywhere within the community, you will be able to start a discussion immediately. Simply look for the pencil icon beside the search box above and start typing away.
    3. Improved navigation. We've streamlined the Community menu to ensure you get to where you want to go.
      • People - Browse through the new members of the site or just simply connect with them to expand your network. It's a great way to welcome them with hi's and hello's.
      • Content - Go through the different boards within the Community to know which one fits the topic you want to post.
      • Places - What's a NOOK Community without being able to talk about NOOK's? Whether you're into apps, movies, books, tech; or simply just need help with your NOOK we have the Place for you!
      • FAQs(coming soon) - Are you new to the Community? Be sure to read the frequently asked questions, so you can move around the Community without a problem. If you get lost, simply ask the moderators and other members, and you'll surely get help.
    4. Accessing notifications with ease. Just look for your avatar on the menu above and you'll see a number symbolizing the items on your inbox - whether someone mentioned you or sent you a direct message.
    5. Unified activity stream for faster updates. The Community now features a unified activity stream tagged as "Recent Activity" in the homepage and various boards. This shows you recent updates on people, discussions, content, polls, etc.
    6. Reply via email. You can now respond to topics and threads via email for a more flexible interaction. Simply follow the instructions written on the email notification you'll receive if anyone mentions you.
    7. Gamification just got wonderful. Remember the ranks and Community features you unlock before? It's now even bigger. Activities you do within the Community gives you points, which allows you to unlock  features within the site. There are also missions hidden within the site that enables you to receive badges once completed. Be active and participate in the Community's activities to receive advanced levels.
    8. Mention stuff in an instant. In NOOK Community 2.0, you can now mention not only People, but also Places or Discussions, and even specific Contents. Simply use @ and type in words - a friendly pop up will aid you in looking for what you need to mention.
    9. New things coming out soon. It just doesn't end here. We're still rolling out more improvements and cool features in the succeeding weeks. Watch out for it.


    Hope you enjoy this upgrade Community. In the meantime, please do send your comments and suggestions about the NOOK Community 2.0 by commenting below. Have a wonderful day!


    - Alex