Frequently Asked Questions about The NOOK Community

Version 3

    What is The NOOK Community?


    The NOOK Community is an online channel that’s uniquely designed for both NOOK and non-NOOK customers to exchange questions, opinions and suggestions about NOOK related concerns, tips, and other topics about our products and services.


    All comments submitted via the NOOK Community website and/or Facebook app are reviewed by a moderator. These posts can be managed by both NOOK employees and/or other community moderators. Its overall goal is to make finding solutions to commonly asked questions easier.


    Posts in the Community are user-generated content that may pertain to tips and tricks, concerns that other customers can help resolve, tutorials, step-by-step guides, infographics, videos, as well as new ideas.


    Why should I register with the community?


    Registering lets you take full advantage of the community, enabling you to:

    • Post new messages and reply to other members' posts
    • Receive email when someone responds to a specific post or topic
    • Exchange private messages with other members
    • Personalize your community experience
    • Post comments on blogs that don't allow anonymous comments
    • Post ideas, vote on the ideas you like best, and post comments
    • If you don't register, you can only browse, search for information, and read posts.


    How do I register? 

    Registration is easy! Simply click on Register from the NOOK Community homepage, sign up by filling out a form in the Community.


    Am I required to be a NOOK customer to register?

    Absolutely not! You can be either a NOOK or non-NOOK customer who is willing to share your knowledge about related discussions.


    How do I sign in?

    After you've registered and confirmed your registration, you can sign in and start participating.


    To sign in:

    • Click Log In at the top of any page.
    • Enter your Login and Password.
    • Tip: If you're the only one who uses this computer, click Remember me on this computer to sign in automatically next time you visit.


    What do I do if I forget my login or password?

    To get help with your password:


    How do I view and edit my profile?

    You may view and edit your profile from the menu bar. Simply look for your avatar beside the Search and Pen icons on the menu, then click View Profile or Edit Profile.


    What does the number on my avatar symbolize?

    The number indicated beside your avatar serves as notification for you to know that someone has mentioned you or sent you a Direct Message. To access it, simply click on the number to see your notifications or action items.


    How do I mention another member or discussion thread?

    This is easy. Simply type in the @ symbol followed by the name of the person/member or discussion thread you would like to mention. A pop up box will appear right after you type the @ symbol to help you select which one is what you need. Should the name of the person or discussion thread be in multiple words, replace the space with an an underscore (_).


    Why did my post suddenly disappear?

    The NOOK Community Manager and moderators read through the contents that are posted here. Should you not be able to find your original post, it most likely violated theNOOK Community Guidelines. Please ensure to familiarize yourself on the Community do's and don'ts so we can maintain a healthy discussion.


    What do I do if I have other questions and/or suggestions?

    Should you have any further questions regarding the use and navigation of the NOOK Community and/or wishes to provide your suggestions, comments or feedback, feel free to write to us using the appropriate discussions boards or via direct message.