NOOK Community Guidelines

Version 3



    We’re glad to have you here at the NOOK Community - a venue that’s uniquely designed for both NOOK and non-NOOK customers to exchange questions, opinions and suggestions about NOOK-related concerns, tips, and other topics about our products and services.


    All comments submitted via the NOOK Community website and/or Facebook app are reviewed by a moderator. These posts can be managed by both NOOK employees and/or other community members. Its overall goal is to make finding solutions to commonly asked questions easier.


    Posts in the Community are user-generated content that may pertain to tips and tricks, concerns that other customers can help resolve, tutorials, step-by-step guides, infographics, videos, as well as new ideas.


    By submitting a comment or post, you consent to NOOK reproducing and publishing that content (either in whole or an edited version of the posting) to NOOK Community, and in other NOOK websites or NOOK publications.


    NOOK Community Guidelines




    First, you must be 18 years of age or older before you can make an account. If you’re below 18, you can only use NOOK Community with the consent of a parent and/or legal guardian.


    All the information that you will provide upon registration must be true, accurate and complete.


    We understand that you might be worried about the information that we gather in the registration process. We assure you that these will be subject to NOOK’s existing Privacy Policy. In line with this policy, we’d like to let you know that we do not and never will share the information you will provide. You can read this policy in full by visiting Privacy Principles - Barnes & Noble.


    We highly advise that you keep confidential details of your account safe. Let us know of any unauthorized access to your account or if you have given your Account information to others that may result in unauthorized usage of your account.


    You are also not allowed to create an account for anyone other than yourself unless given permission by that person.


    We’re always ready and available to help you


    As your Moderators and Community Managers, we can and will provide help with the use of this forum. You can easily identify us via our role/s and icon/s displayed next to our respective usernames. Kindly respect and follow the directions that we periodically give out to maintain an inclusive and inviting environment for everyone. We are also more than happy to accept your feedback about products and services from NOOK.


    Relevant posts make for a more enjoyable forum usage experience


    There’s a possibility that users will start threads with topics that can be seen as irrelevant by other users. We encourage you to only post topics or items that are relevant for everyone’s benefit. NOOK Community is here to provide a platform that encourages knowledge-sharing of NOOK products and services with other users. Please avoid discussing account-specific matters or posting contents related/similar to these.


    The NOOK Community is not a venue to discuss legal matters of any nature, as these are absolutely not permitted. We have the right to delete any or all material/s that can be considered out of place.


    Mind your (online) manners


    Help us in fostering a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone using the forum. Every visitor or user of NOOK Community is expected to abide by basic guidelines and rules for online etiquette. Your usage is also subject to the NOOK website’s Terms and Conditions, which can be found at Barnes & Terms and Conditions of Use - Barnes & Noble.


    Visitors and users are not allowed to post anything that can be seen as illegal, libelous, offensive, obscene, pornographic, lewd, distressing, threatening, harmful, invasive of other users’ privacy and/or publicity rights, abusive, highly objectionable or injurious to third parties. Your opinions are always welcome, but these actions and other unacceptable behavior are not allowed.


    Be guided by some examples of inappropriate or unacceptable behavior:

    1. Discussing and encouraging other users how to violate any of the policies or agreement/s that they entered into with NOOK for any product or service
    2. Double-posting and/or cross-posting
    3. Discussing the status of banned participants and/or other Moderator actions
    4. Sharing viruses, files, or potentially harmful code
    5. Personal attacks and/or harassment of any kind, whether done through posts, replies or private messages.

      We reserve the right to reject posts that direct readers to third-party websites, if necessary.


    Exercise respect and proper online ethics


    We encourage everyone to help us provide an environment that promotes proper exchanges for everyone in the forum. Respect others to get favorable posts and topics and observe proper ethics for a more orderly forum usage.


    Community moderation guidelines


    1. We acknowledge criticism of NOOK products, services, policies and performance, but will not publish persistent misrepresentation of NOOK, our Board, our shareholders or our staff. For the sake of robust debate, we will distinguish between constructive, focused argument and propaganda or smear tactics.
    2. We understand that people often feel strongly about the issues discussed on NOOK Community, but we may reject or remove any content that others might find offensive or threatening. Please be pleasant and respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others. Written words may appear differently to others, so please consider the impact your comments may have on others.
    3. We reserve the right to edit conversations that may spark into repetitive flame-wars. We're open to have you discussing issues you are passionate about, but we encourage you to find ways of sharing your views in a way that it will not not feel alienating or threatening to others.
    4. We want you to know that moderator’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Abusive posts will be deleted, as well as posts asking ‘why was my post deleted?’
    5. This Community does not replace our existing customer service or complaints channels, but it is an arena for discussion and for two-way feedback. For any individual customer service issues or complaints, kindly refer to our Barnes & Noble | Contact Customer Service  page to find ways to reach us.
    6. While this NOOK Community platform is ours, its conversation belongs to everybody. We want this to be an avenue for intelligent discussion, and we expect participants to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential inappropriate posts. Please make use of the 'Report Inappropriate Content' found in each post, if necessary.


    Kindly read the Offenses and Penalties as well.


    NOOK reserves all the right to terminate your account if you do not follow these guidelines. Remember, the actions you do within the forum will affect everyone else’s actions/reactions in some one way or another. Enjoy using NOOK Community!