How to use Lost Books

Version 1

    It's great to have this forum back.


    I'm trying to remember the guidelines from the original Lost Books discussion group.


    1. Start a new thread/question/discussion for each book, do not append your question onto someone else's search.
    2. Please provide as much information about the book as you can remember, every clue helps.
    3. Please put some information about the book you are looking for in the subject line, hundreds of questions, all with the subject line "Looking for a book" or "Forgot the title" tend to blend together.
    4. Please mark the question as answered when someone finds the book you are looking for, the people in this group are fellow B&N customers and are doing this because they truly like to help out. A little acknowledgment is reward enough for them.
    5. If you find the book you are looking for somewhere else, please come back and let us know. Many times people have been intrigued by the book description you posted and want to read it themselves.


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