NOOK Profile Types on Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK®

Version 1

    Types of Profiles

    Your NOOK supports three types of NOOK Profiles:

    The Primary Profile
    This is the profile created by default when you register your NOOK. This profile can view all the content on the device an. It can also create and edit profiles for other users and manage those profiles’ access to content. All purchases made on the NOOK are processed using the payment method associated with this profile.

    An Adult Profile
    An adult profile can purchase any type of content. An adult profile can also control which content is visible to itself and which content is visible to any child profile. It can also set parental controls for child profiles. It cannot control which content is visible to the primary profile.

    A Child Profile
    By default, a child profile can only view and purchase content authorized by an adult profile or the primary profile. A child profile does not have the ability to create or edit other profiles. It cannot override parental controls.