Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® - TalkBack & TTS

Version 1

    The TalkBack feature will read aloud the menu location you are in, and it can also read aloud on-screen options you select to assist blind or low-vision users. When the feature is turned on, touch the screen with two fingers to navigate or select an item.

    To turn on TalkBack, from the Home screen, touch Apps > Settings > Device > Accessibility

    1.    Touch TalkBack, and then touch the slider to turn TalkBack on .

    2.    Touch OK to continue and allow TalkBack permissions to the device.

    Touch OK to turn TalkBack on and turn off features that cannot be turned on while TalkBack is on.

    3.    A tutorial will be displayed (touch is turned off while the tutorial is speaking). With two fingers, touch Exit to quit the tutorial, or touch Next > Finish to complete the tutorial.

    4.    If you would like to download a high-quality voice file for English, touch OK with two fingers, and follow the on-screen prompts. Touch Do not show againto bypass this message in the future, or touch Cancel to continue without downloading.
    Note: A Samsung account is required to download the voice file, and we recommend that you are connected to a wireless network.

    Turn Off TalkBack

    1.    With two fingers, swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom to access the Notification Panel.

    2.    Under Notifications, tap on the "TalkBack has been turned on." option.

    3.    Scroll down using two fingers slightly spread apart, and click option for Accessibility > Services > TalkBack.

    4.    Touch the slider to turn TalkBack off , and then touch OK to stop TalkBack.