How to Abandon my NOOK Community Profile (Stop Emails)

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    • Q: Why is deleting my account from the NOOK Community not "1 click away"?
      • A: As with any online community, there is a constant balance between system need and user demand.  From a system perspective, NOOK has a vested interest in retaining conversations (good/bad/otherwise) for historical reference, as well as to maintain a level of transparency with our community.  Part of retaining these conversations is to retain author attribution, which is violated when an user account is fully deleted (removed from the system).  This is one of the primary reasons that NOOK allows users the ability to effectively their account.  It preserves conversations and author attributions, while reaching the end-result for the user, which is abandoning the account It is our hope and intent to retain all members that join the NOOK Community; however, we recognize that deciding to stay with a community is a decision that every member must make.  Should members wish to leave, our goal is to honor their request in a responsive and respectable manner.  If for some reason your experience does not reflect these principles, please do not hesitate to contact the moderation team at


    Steps to Abandon your NOOK Community Profile


    Manual Unsubscribe from Emails

    If you know your username/password and can log into the NOOK Community, follow the steps below because you:

    • No longer intend to use your NOOK Community account
    • No longer wish to receive ANY emails from the NOOK Community
      • Note: The emphasis denotes automated weekly digests and other non-action based emails generated by the platform.


    Note: These steps can be executed in part or in entirety to achieve the desired results. For the most thorough results, we recommend executing them all.


    Step 1: Turn Off Email Preferences


    Step 2:  Edit Your Profile > Change your Email Address

    (Suggested Pattern: => )


    Step 3: Request Your Account Be Disabled (we will not delete accounts)

    Make a comment on this document requesting that your account be disabled, and a System Administrator will process the request.


    While we do not wish for you to leave the NOOK Community, we respect your decision.  We will do all that we can to honor your request in a timely and responsive manner.  If at any time you have problems executing these steps, and/or have follow-up questions, please feel free to contact: