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    In Store Reading Support


      Allow me to reiterate a Barnes and Noble experience that happened to me recently.



      I have an understanding that Nook devices of the past had a feature called in store reading. Now, as I understand it, one could walk into a Barnes and Noble Store, connect to the store, then they could read almost any book for free for one hour. Once the hour was up, they could either buy it or add it to their wish list. This feature is explained in the Nook User Guide for the Glowlight Plus on page 46 of 99.



      So with this in mind, I found myself intrigued by this feature and purchased a Nook Glowlight Plus. I went to my local Barnes and Noble Store, excited to use the In store reading, connected to the Wifi…then nothing. I contacted the live support chat with my issue. They told me to call the Customer Service Line, to which I obliged. When I called them, they told me to take it to the store for service and that they could call again once I was in the store, because they could not determine if my issue was one with the store or with my device. I took it to the store for service and told them my issue. They told me that In Store reading was an option. When they tried to demonstrate it to me on one of their display devices, they could not get it to work. They then told me that it may have been removed and they were not told about it. So I contacted the Customer Service Line AGAIN while in the store. They told me that my device was probably defective and they would send me a new one and to talk to the service department. So I went to the service department and they told me that Barnes and Noble Readouts had replaced In Store reading. WHAT?! So, I had two conflicting reports of what was going on here. I contacted the customer service line again, and they told me that in-store reading was still around, and they would look into it further. I am waiting patiently to see what is going on here.

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          Hmm, yet another reason not to regret switching to a Kobo device.  I suppose their stores aren't all that conducive to reading anymore anyway.  There also use to be a feature called "More in Store" which allowed you to download special articles only while you were in the store.  They would stay in your B&N library after you left the store.  They were usually little promo pieces of authors talking about their new releases.  They would be available for about a month with new ones replacing the oldest ones each week or so.

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            I can't say I'd be surprised to learn that B&N ended the service and failed to let anyone know. Considering all the other changes they've made it would be par for the course.