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        Get seven free ebooks from Carina Press (a Harlequin imprint) in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter:


        1. Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey
        2. Fatal Affair by Marie Force
        3. No Such Thing by A.M. Arthur
        4. Going Under by Jeffe Kennedy
        5. No Money Down by Julie Moffett
        6. Goddess with a Blade by Lauren Dane
        7. Monster in My Closet by R.I. Naquin
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          June is Audiobook Month - Audiobooks.com

          Audiobooks.com has a variety of specials and contests for the occasion.

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            This month's free audiobook:


            FREE DOWNLOAD PAGE: http://christianaudio.com/free/

            Free Downloads on christianaudio - Try us free. Best selection of Christian audiobook downloads.


            The Tank Man's Son By Mark Bouman Audiobook Download - Try us free. Best selection of Christian audiobook downloads.



            Availability: Unrestricted (available worldwide)

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              They're out! Here are the June 2016 Samsung Book Deals selections, from the Kindle store (in the order in which Amazon presented them). I researched them a bit, to identify series each belongs to (if any) and its genre(s).


              Click on Samsung Book Deals to learn how this works. You may also want to read the earlier, related MR thread: Kindle for Samsung launched in 90 countries


              Genre(s): Mystery & Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy

              Current Kindle Price: $4.99




                “I can’t believe I ate a seal. And really enjoyed it.”

              Moments after venture capitalist Gloria Baradaran experiences what it’s like to be a polar bear—really be a polar bear—she knows she’s found something revolutionary. Farley Rutherford and his team—migraine-tortured neurologist “Chopper” Vittori and über-geek engineer Ringo Hayes—have created sensory saturation, a virtual reality system that drops users into the psyches of endangered animals as they fight for survival, and they believe the profound experience could turn the indifferent masses into avid environmentalists.

              Ringo’s hardware is ready to go, but the pressures to get the system off the ground are immense. The money-men want more bang for their buck, and that includes bigger, more dangerous animals, and—more than anything—the ability to turn the machines into profitable games. But to Farely and his team, this is anything but a game. To some, in fact, this is a cause they’d kill for…

              The Sensory Deception is a mind-blowing, globe-trotting ride that will take readers from cut-throat Silicon Valley boardrooms to the pirate ships off the Somali coast to the devastated rain forests of the Amazon all to ask the question: What is a human life worth compared to that of an entire planet? 


              Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Crime Fiction, Serial Killers, Women's Fiction, Women Sleuths, Romance

              Current Kindle Price: $3.99




                Small-town corruption and a serial killer in the bayou threaten a female sheriff struggling to make her way in a man’s world and keep herself from falling in love with the last man she should trust. 


              Genre(s): British, Humor & Satire, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: Crime Fiction, Noir, Organized Crime

              Current Kindle Price: $4.99




                A violent drunk with a broken heart, Mackie looks for love in all the wrong places. When two hit men catch him with his pants down, he barely makes it out alive. Worse still, his ex-gangster uncle, Rab, has vanished, leaving him an empty house and a dead dog.

              Reluctant PI Sam Ireland is hired by hotshot lawyers to track Rab but is getting nothing except blank stares and slammed doors. As she scours the dive bars, the dregs of Glasgow start to take notice.

              DI Andy Lambert is a cop in the middle of an endless shift. A body washes up, and the city seems to shiver in fear; looks like it’s up to Lambert to clean up after the lowlifes again.

              As a rampaging Mackie hunts his uncle, the scum of the city come out to play. And they play dirty. It seems that everyone has either a dark secret or a death wish. In Mackie’s case, it might just be both. 


              Genre(s): Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction, Family Life, Domestic Life

              Current Kindle Price: $3.99



                An airplane plunges into an icy river and the world witnesses the dramatic rescue. Then, life after the Miracle on the Hudson landing puts three families on another crash course…with their own fragile humanity.


              Airplane passenger Deborah DeWitt-Goldman knows her survival means one last chance to start the family she so badly desires—no matter the cost to her marriage. Preacher’s wife Brett Stevens witnesses the event from a ferry, burdened by a secret that could destroy her family. And while twelve-year-old Robby Palmer’s desperate parents struggle to reach through the fog of his autism, the boy discovers a deep connection to the birds responsible for the crash.


              Now, all of them must navigate the crosscurrents of the consequences of their decisions…and when their paths collide a second time, another miracle just might happen.


              Award-winning author Cari Noga’s Sparrow Migrations is an inspiring, heartfelt look at the crucible of crisis and the power of human connection.


              Revised edition: This edition of Sparrow Migrations includes editorial revisions.

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                This month's freebie:

                New free e-book every month from the University of Chicago Press ebook


                Free e-book!

                book cover


                Coast Lines: How Mapmakers Frame the World and Chart Environmental Change

                Mark Monmonier

                224 pages | 85 halftones | 6×9 | ©2008


                E-book Free!  See below  (about e-books)
                ISBN: 9780226534046


                Cloth List Price $25.00
                ISBN: 9780226534039 May 2008


                “A very useful (and fairly quick) read on the topic of changing coastlines.… Anyone interested in an informative and entertaining read on climate change via the science of cartography and map-making should peruse Monmonier’s geographic treatise on coastlines.”—Randy Cerveny, Weatherwise


                Get this e-book free!

                Enter your e-mail address and click "Get E-book." You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to download your free e-book.

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                  Newly free at: Free Comics - Comics by comiXology :

                  • Issues

                  • Hulk: Gray #1

                    Hulk: Gray #1

                  • Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

                    Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

                  • Captain America: Hail Hydra #1 (of 5)

                    Captain America: Hail Hydra #1 (of 5)

                  • Moon Knight (2010-2012) #1

                    Moon Knight (2010-2012) #1

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                    Free at  Sainsbury's:

                    Rock War: 1: Rock War by Robert Muchamore | eBooks | Sainsbury's Entertainment

                    Rock War: 1: Rock War

                    Robert Muchamore

                    Released: 2014

                       No customer ratings  


                    Meet Jay. Summer. And Dylan.

                    Jay plays guitar, writes songs and dreams of being a rock star. But his ambitions are stifled by seven siblings and a terrible drummer.

                    Summer works hard at school, looks after her nan and has a one-in-a-million singing voice. But can her talent triumph over her nerves?

                    Dylan is happiest lying on his bunk smoking, but his school rugby coach has other ideas, and Dylan reluctantly joins a band to avoid crunching tackles and icy mud.

                    They're about to enter the biggest battle of their lives. And there's everything to play for.


                    A spectacular start to the new series from Robert Muchamore, bestselling author of CHERUB - read on with Rock War: The Audition, a story especially written for World Book Day.

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                      Stephanie Morrill | author of the Ellie Sweet series, The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series, and Go Teen Writers

                      Do you like FREE books?

                      (Who doesn’t, right?)

                      Throwing Stones cover art

                      Throwing Stones is a novella about a character, Abbie Hoyt, from my other novels, and you can read her story for free!

                      Get the .mobi file for your Kindle

                      (Clicking the link will prompt you to download the file, which you can then email to your Kindle account. It might show up in your “Documents” folder rather than your “Books”.)

                      Get the .epub file for other ereaders

                      (Clicking the link will prompt you to download the file, which you can then load onto your ereader.)

                      Or grab the .pdf of Throwing Stones for your computer or tablet!

                      About the story:

                      By now Abbie Hoyt should be used to not fitting in. She hasn’t since she got pregnant at fifteen. But five years later, as her son begins kindergarten, Abbie wrestles anew with where she does—and doesn’t—belong. It’s not with her old high school friends, who are partying their way through college. Or with the other mothers at Owen’s school. They look at her like she carries some kind of disease. Abbie’s not even sure she fits into her sister’s life now that Skylar is getting married.

                      When wedding festivities throw Abbie back into the company of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Ross, the questions only get worse. Maybe Chris still loves her like she loves him, but what college-age guy wants to be saddled with a five-year-old? And how selfish would she be to ask that of him?

                      Abbie is used to the world throwing stones—she knows how to protect herself. But can she figure out how to open up and trust again before she throws away a chance at happiness…for good?

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                        This month's free ebook:


                        WISHING ON A STAR


                        Jody Lynn Nye and Angelina Adams

                        “Innovative take on the well-loved theme of fairies and dangerous wishes.”
                        Publishers Weekly

                        Pop goddess Selane has made some bad choices in her life on her road to success. All of her past connections have dropped her and she’s desperately trying to get them (and her reputation) back.

                        While running a charity telethon for a debilitating children’s disease, Selane discovers a remarkable girl during a broadcast – a real genie – and suddenly the solution to all of her problems is standing right in front of her.

                        But finding a genie is one thing…making wishes that count, is something else—particularly when the genie is a clueless teenager from California.

                        Maybe Ray, a fairy godmother, and the local 26-3 chapter of The Fairy Godmothers’ Union can help.

                        Angelina Adams’ companion piece follows the young genie, Vickie, as she travels to New Mexico. On her journey, a whole new host of characters befriend her, including Raj Chandra, a senior genie in the Demons, Djinni and Efreets Guild, and Indira, whose jealousy is bound to cause even more prob¬lems for the teenage wish granter.

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                          Podcast | Jill Williamson - The Blood of Kings Trilogy - free podcast series for book 1 (By Darkness Hid) and book 2 (To Darkness Fled)


                          For a few years, I recorded a serial podcast of the Blood of Kings trilogy that anyone could listen to free online or subscribe via email, podcasts, or iTunes. I posted one chapter a week on Friday afternoons, just in time for the weekend.

                          It was a fun way to reach new readers (listeners) and to post content on my blog.

                          It became too time consuming to keep up with, though, so I stopped after book two. But you can still listen to all of book one or book two by clicking on the book titles below to download old chapters.

                          By Darkness Hid

                          To Darkness Fled

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                            This month's selection at LearnOutLoud:

                            Character Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine on Free Audio Book Download


                            Download our free audio book for the month of June: Character Building Thought Power.






                            Character Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine 


                            Character Building Thought Power


                            by Ralph Waldo Trine


                            Product Details









                            Unabridged Edition


                            Running Time


                            45 Min.


                            User Rating


                              4.6  Stars Based on 12 ratings

                            LearnOutLoud.com Review

                            Download the personal growth classic Character Building Thought Power. Ralph Waldo Trine was one of the early philosophers of the New Thought Movement and he published this book in 1900. In the book Trine attempts to show us how we can overcome our bad habits and develop new positive habits by harnessing the power of our thoughts. This book continues to be widely read and it is as valid today as it was when it was first written. It is well narrated by our very own Seth Anderson. The audio book has a running time of 45 Min. and is available on MP3 and bookmarkable MPEG-4 download.  



                               This book describes a method whereby old, undesirable, earth-binding habits can be broken, and new, desirable, heaven lifting habits can be acquired, a method whereby life in part or in its totality can be changed, provided one is sufficiently in earnest to know and, knowing it, to apply the law. The audiobook version is an unabridged narration of the book.

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