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    Nook tablet won't keep Dolphin Browser installed


      I got an HD+ last year and gave my Nook Tablet to my mother. I recently got the HD+ version of Dolphin browser for my HD+ but kept the old Nook version so my mother could use it. Both the HD+ and Nook Tablet are under MY account and yes, it's assigned to my profile. It's not archived nor did I send it to Nook Cloud. However, she's noticed that it has uninstalled itself from the Nook and I have to redownload and uninstall it for her since she's not that tech savvy. Why am I unable to keep both versions -- the HD+ version on my HD+ and the Nook Tablet version on the Nook? I really don't want to have to set up a separate account just for her since we're both sharing a few of the apps nor does she use the Nook store so she doesn't want to put in her CC info.