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    Nook tablet won't keep Dolphin Browser installed


      I got an HD+ last year and gave my Nook Tablet to my mother. I recently got the HD+ version of Dolphin browser for my HD+ but kept the old Nook version so my mother could use it. Both the HD+ and Nook Tablet are under MY account and yes, it's assigned to my profile. It's not archived nor did I send it to Nook Cloud. However, she's noticed that it has uninstalled itself from the Nook and I have to redownload and uninstall it for her since she's not that tech savvy. Why am I unable to keep both versions -- the HD+ version on my HD+ and the Nook Tablet version on the Nook? I really don't want to have to set up a separate account just for her since we're both sharing a few of the apps nor does she use the Nook store so she doesn't want to put in her CC info.

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          This is what I see that might help:


          The old versions of Dolphin Browser were published with Nook by mobotap here and there was one marked HD also here.


          The Dolphin Broswer is now also being published by Dolphin Browser (go figure) and I also noticed that instead of providing an update file they just uploaded a new version as a new app instead.


          Maybe check and see that you have the newest version, by the actual Dolphin Browser developers.  Looks like it is compatable with both devices too.  That way you don't have to worry about syncing 2 different apps with two devices.



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            Suggest you try using the B&N version of Dolphin on your mother's Nook Tablet and use the Google Play version for your HD+.  That way B&N won't try to change/delete the version on your HD+ and it will leave the version on the Nook Tablet alone.