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        I have the same problem, it's always trying to load - I don't want WiFi on all the time, is there a fix?

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          I still can't download ADE from my library, after 2 Support conversations, neither of which were helpful. It was so easy on my Nook Touch.  And I've tried everything I can find about how to do it, feeling very unhappy with this Nook

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            Any update on this?  This has been happening to me since I bought mine a while ago.  I've been waiting to see an answer to this thread, and I just signed up to post this.   It's really annoying that this happens.


            I'm heavy into the Nook ecosystem and it would be costly to get my ebook library in a different system.  I'm afraid to add to it anymore.

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              I feel like there should be more here after a year...

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                Yes, especially since the latest update seems to have made the problem much much worse.... and screwed up battery life and wifi connections.....

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                  I intermittently have this same 'revert to home screen' problem, and today I noticed something that may (or may not) be pertinent.


                  When I select a book to read, I see that the Wi-Fi signal indicator (upper rightcorner of screen) quickly blinked ON, then OFF.  Shortly thereafter, my GLP reverted to the home screen.  When I checked my settings, I noticed that my Wi-Fi was set for ON, even though the indicator didn't remain ON when opening the book.  Toggling OFF my Wi-Fi (which is how I always like keep my GLP because I ONLY use Wi-Fi when  opening a new book I've downloaded from my library, in order for whatever 'info' or 'licensing' or other data is needed from the internet in order to downloaded and to save battery) appeared to solve the problem.


                  Could there be some sort of 'short circuit' or other glitch with the Wi-Fi controller causing our home screen reversion problem?  Just throwing this out for B&N techs to review.

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