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    My new nook wont charge.


      Hi, yesterday  i received my brand new, never used nook hd from amazon. After  a few hours of use it gave me the 15% battery warning so i turned it off and charged it over night. When i pluged in the charger i saw the green light, lit up.

        When i look at it in the morning, it hadnt charged. I thought it was because i turned it off, so i pluged it in with it on. The light was green, but when i went to settings and looked at battery it said "9% discharging". So i went in the manual and looked it up but i cant find anything like it ( i did but it made no sense, it said that the charger might be broken but how could it when i just got it?!). Right now it is dead, but when i plug in the charger the light goes green but the screen shows a empty battery with a charger underneath.