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    Nook won't charge or turn on


      After my Nook HD  died two days ago, I plugged it into the same charger I have been using for about a year now. The light at the bottom began to flash between green and orange (which it has done before), and the battery with the lightning bolt in the middle flashed up on the screen. None of this worried me because all of it has happened before, and my Nook was perfectly fine. However, after the picture disappeared, the light started flashing red, a color combination it has NEVER used before. I left my Nook plugged in for 48 hours, tried using different charging heads and plugging it into a PC instead, but no luck. I don't think the actual Nook is broken because it is still flashing me that same picture of the battery with the lightning bolt, but is there something I can do to make it actually charge?