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    "Barnes & Noble fires CEO, labeling him 'not a good fit'" - Exec. Chairman/former B&N CEO Leonard Riggio steps in


      Barnes & Noble fires CEO, labeling him 'not a good fit'

      Kimiya Manoochehri, USA TODAY 6:14 p.m. EDT August 16, 2016


      The board of book store chain Barnes & Noble announced Tuesday that it has ousted CEO Ronald D. Boire, saying he “was not a good fit for the organization."


      Boire, who had been on the job less than a year, will be replaced by Executive Chairman Leonard Riggio, the company announced. Riggio formerly served as Barnes & Noble CEO and had planned to stay until Sept. 14, but he has now postponed retirement until a permanent successor can be found. The company said the search for a replacement will begin immediately.


      Barnes and Noble's board didn't give a more specific reason for Boire's departure, adding only that "it was in the best interests of all parties for him to leave the company.”


      Boire became CEO of Barnes & Noble last year, replacing Michael Huseby, and had vowed to expand the book retailer’s electronics product marketing. Boire’s prior experience included CEO of Sears Canada and senior roles at Brookstone, Best Buy, and Sony Electronics.

      Here's B&N's recent lineup of CEOs (from Wikipedia > Barnes & Noble > History (2000s and 2010s)):


      • 2002, Leonard Riggio's brother Stephen Riggio was named CEO, a position he held until 2010.[30]
      • In March 2010, William Lynch, formerly the president of the company's website, was appointed CEO. Steve Riggio stayed on as vice chairman.[34]
      • On July 8, 2013, the company announced the resignation of William Lynch as Barnes & Noble CEO and board member, effective immediately.[37]
      • On January 8, 2014, it was announced that Michael P. Huseby would become the new CEO of Barnes & Noble. Huseby had joined Barnes & Noble as Chief Financial Officer in March 2012 and led the company's financial organization until his appointment as President in July 2013.
      • On July 2, 2015, Ronald D. Boire was named Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble (effective September 2015), replacing Huseby, who went on to become Executive Chairman of Barnes & Noble Education upon the completion of the spin-off from Barnes & Noble on August 3, 2015.[42][43]
      • On April 29, 2016, founder and long-time chairman Len Riggio announced that he would retire in September 2016.[44]
      • On August 16, 2016, Barnes & Noble announced Boire's departure from the company and is currently searching for a new CEO.[45] Meanwhile, Executive Chairman and former Barnes & Noble CEO Leonard Riggio has postponed his retirement until a permanent successor is found.[46]