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    Cannot play a video clip

      I side loaded a few short mp4 video clips onto my tablet. I have had no problems in the past with viewing them. Today I am getting the display "Sorry, this video cannot be played". I have been able to watch some video clips from the internet today. The only other thing is that I noticed the Crackle app is not loading. Otherwise, everything else is okay. I have had the tablet for a little over a year and it gets used almost daily. I thought I would throw a post out here before I trot it over to the local store.


      Any comments are appreciated.

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          Well, somehow this issue resolved. While I was waiting for a reply, I deleted the browsing history, cookies, cache, etc . I had just down loaded the puffin browser and wondered if that was a problem so I deleted that too. I charged it fully overnight and rebooted it this morning. When I attempted to play the clips this afternoon they played like there was never a problem.  Go figure!