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    wishlist not loading, circle only twirls, help???

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          For some reason my nook is acting up. When i tried to write the body of my post it added it to the subject line. Anyway the main reason for my post is my wishlist will not load! Ive seen posts for 6-12 months ago but nothing recent. Is anyone still having this problem or know how to fix it? Been going on fot a couple of weekd now...should i take it into the store? Please help!
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            I am having the same problem! Very frustrating. Also, is there a way to sync by tablet wishlist with my pc? My wishlist also just has the "working" circle in the upper right corner.
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              the only wishlist that ever synced with the website was the N1E. Everything else is separate.
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                My wish list on my Nook Tablet hasn't loaded in nearly a month. I accessed it every day and bought many books based on price flucuations I saw in the list that I never would have seen if I didn't have a quick way to browse only what I wanted. Now, I buy nothing. And I guarentee BN does not care. The company has decided, "lol, we were just kidding about those silly Nook things" I suspect the Wish Lists will never load again. They've completely dumped the Tablets and aren't about to expend any time or money on fixing any hardware problems like this.


                Going into the stores is useless. Don't waste your time. I can tell you straight up from personal experience: They have no idea why the wish list won't load and have no clue how to fix it. They'll tell you to Re-Register the device just to give you an answer so you'll stop yelling at them, but it won't fix server based hardware problems. You'll only lose all your files and have to re-download everything."


                I will never own another one of these poor man's iPads.

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                  I'm just getting this problem... But I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one... this way they have to find some solution to our dilemma. But I noticed a couple of the books I did have on my wishlist are still checked off, even though my wishlist still isn't showing. So I'm hoping that if I do reset it or something they'll still be there.


                  I'm gonna try Tech support tomorrow as it's too late to contact anyone right now. If I learn anything I'll give you all feedback...

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                    There are several threads out there addressing this same issue and I am going to post this response on every one of them!  I am really pissed about this issue, especially since it has obviously been a problem for a very long time.  Even if B&N won't admit it. 


                    I had the same problem with my ~1 year old Nook Color about 2 months ago.  I took it into a store, and the employee claimed she had never heard of this problem before.  After great wringing of hands, she said the only solution was to reset the Nook.  I reluctantly agreed; I use the Wishlist to not only show new books I am interested in, but to queue up the next installment of many series I am reading.


                    After a couple of weeks of FINALLY reassembling my wishlist, my list of internet bookmarks, and my shelves, the Wishlist started acting up again, then finally crapped out.  This time I tried the chat support option.  The support hack I spoke to spent 20 minutes going through all the 'usual' solutions: turn it off then turn it on, turn it off for 10 seconds then turn it on, blah, blah, blah he said that this is a recurring server problem that Tech is 'working on'.  He couldn't say how long they have been working on it, or how long until they expected to solve it.  He said the only thing he could suggest was to reset it and hope they solve the problem before the Wishlist craps out again.  I asked him, if I choose not to reset and live without the Wishlist on the Nook, how would I know when the problem was fixed, he said try it every couple of days!!!  Seems to me this is not a day-to-day problem.


                    So now I am left using the Nook wishlist online, which is a GREAT pain in the butt, and combined with B&N's policy of advertising 50% off books that aren't actually half their regularly advertised price and crappy deceptive support, wishing I had bought a Kindle.

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                      Haven't had my wish list for months!


                      I figured I just had too many things on it.