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    nook netflix app

      for the second time in a month, my built into the tablet software netflix app has stopped running.  the app will open, then not load anything to view and the screen goes black.  a month ago, i did not get any help by calling customer service and i had to go to a b&n to get help and they erased my tablet, i lost all my books and all my shelves.

      tonight, i tried chat for help, and max, told me it was a simple fix of re-registering my nook.  what a jerk.  i did it thinking it was a fix, it wiped out my book, took erased everything again: books, shelves, websites i commonly use, photos...

      i re-opened my internet connection and tried chat again, and i got dante (dan) and he told me i should just call the app 1-800. 

      well, i am back to where i was a month ago, my app is not working, everytime the software updates, it knocks out the built in nook app, that can not be deleted, erased and reloaded, can not be archived.


      do your softwear nerds not use a tablet? do they not pretest these updates with the built in softwear that come downloaded onto the tablet? are they stupid?  and, now, i am left with a tablet, that i purchased so i could read and watch netflix, that won't tolerate watching netflix AND for the second time in a month, i have to download my 300 books and reprogram shelves for the second time in a month. 


      i am very irritated that b&n can't help, doesn't have a fix, and, won't admit there's a problem.  and, i am angry i have to redownload 300 books and recreate shelves to organize them.

      and, i am upset that b&n has preloaded netflix built into their softwear, so netflix can't work on it and fix it, and b&n can't work on it and fix it, and, me, the customer is screwed after buying a $250 tablet that does not work.