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    Facebook Not Working Correctly

      Recently, Facebook stopped working correctly on my Nook Tablet.  I have tried a number of things, including clearing cache, powering off, etc.


      I have not sideloaded, done any jailbreak or whatever.  Everything is native / factory etc.  I use m.facebook in the browser.  There are two issues:


      - first of all, when I launch Facebook, the home page will usually load about 90% and just continue to spin; most of the time, I cannot scroll down more than one page.

      - second of all, if it does fully load, or I just stop its progress, I am unable to properly comment or reply. If I tap in a box to type, the keyboard pops up. As long as I only want lower case and limited punctuation, I can type.  But, as soon as I tap shift, I can no longer type or get any response from the keyboard.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?  This just started about a week ago.  This ONLY happens on Facebook.  Email and other apps are just fine.  Other web pages also load fine.